Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Creative Space

Today my Creative Space is filled with things on my 'to do' list!

I won't get to start on them today, because I'm off on a training run up here:

The annual race up 'The Pyramid' is in just under 3 months - so I have to get practice in when I can!

But once I'm back - I'll be looking at what to do with these dresses that I like, but they don't fit...some too baggy, some too tight!

Figuring out my next project - how to make something my girls need..

And then there's these seeds that have been patiently waiting in the fridge..

to be planted in some of the potting mix I bought a while ago...

AND, there's this pile of pineapple tops that need to be planted.

We're gradually filling up the edge of our garden with them - easier to weed around these than cut the grass right up against the fence line! - plus eventually we'll have a nice juicy crop of pineapples!!

I just have to get around to planting them....

To hopefully find some people who have actually DONE something in their creative spaces today - head on over here!


  1. all the best with your run :)

  2. another busy day...another awesome experience...

  3. planting pineapples! Wow, your the first person I know who's going to plant them. :-)

    1. Thanks Agy! Pineapples are one thing I've actually found I can grow successfully! (most things I try to grow wilt and die!) Pineapples you just cut the top off one, whack it into the ground and 2 years later a new pineapple is growing on the top! It's a long but very easy process!! You don't have to look after them at all!

  4. Wow...I am in awe too. Planting pineapples!!?? Again I say, WOW!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! It was a great run until I twisted my ankle nearly at the end and had to hobble back! I'm icing it now and hopefully it will be better tomorrow!

  6. I think we all agree, planting pineapples, brilliant!


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