Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Creative Space - a birthday!

Today is my eldest daughter's 9th birthday!
We had a lovely day yesterday preparing things.
The girls made little origami party bags.

Easy to make and decorate all by themselves - and then fill with chocolate eggs! (there's always room for more chocolate - after all Easter was almost a week ago!!)

We made her ghostie cake too..
She chose this one from the cake book we have...It looks nice and straightforward...
But cake decorating isn't one of my talents.
Add to that me forgetting that trying to ice a cake in the tropics with no aircon on is NOT a good idea... and this is what you get..

Not quite what I was going for..
But at least my daughter could see the funny side, and she says she loves it anyway!!

So today we're off to do 'Wipeout' at the local pool with some friends to celebrate!
Such good fun - I can't wait!! (it's not just for the kids!)

Anything around water is what she wants to do just now.

She's also signed up with me to do a 24hour swimathon to raise money for MS (multiple sclerosis). Our team has to have someone in the water swimming for the whole 24 hours!  It's going to be exhausting but fun!
She's very excited about swimming in the middle of the night!
That's my girl!!!

Happy Birthday Annelise!


  1. i came here through "ourcreativespaces", your photo looked weird and mistake there! i laughed so hard with the modep-attempt photo tears came to my eyes...
    the important thinh is you gave it a shot.
    happy birthday to your girl!

    1. Thanks Peli! I figure you have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your ghost cake Jill! That is exactly how mine would have turned out even without the tropics here!!
    Looks like your daughter is in for a fun day, enjoy!

    1. Thanks Christie! I get a fright every time I look in the fridge!!

  3. Well I bet that cake tastes darn good!

    1. Thanks Kristin! and it's the taste that's most important!!

  4. Happy birthday to your cool and talented young lady! Also, what a generous sweet girl to work to raise money for MS.

    Is it wrong that I laughed out loud at the ghost? I'm so sorry, but I love you for posting it. Hee hee hee!

    1. Thanks Mich! Laughing at the ghost is definitely the right thing to do - I laughed till I cried - or was that cried till I laughed....! :)

  5. happy birthday to your daughter
    have fun :)

    all the best with the swimathon

  6. I like your ghost the best anyway Jill besides how many years of cake decorating has that person done and how many times did they make it to get it right.None of my fancy cakes turned out the same as the pictures but my kids loved them anyway.
    Happy 9th Birthday and Happy swimming.
    P.S my daughter does the MS Readathon every year.

  7. My girl will be 10 in July. I have LOVED 9, she is a delight, what a great age. I few tricky bits to navigate (sigh, friendships and growing up stuff)- I hope you all enjoy 9 as much as we have. I love your cake, it's great and hilarious all at once. And that pool looks so fun

  8. Your little one sounds like mine. They always have plans. I like it when children are motivated. Sometimes it's just what us parents need (or at least this parent, hee hee.)

  9. Belated birthday wishes to your daughter. Hope you had a lovely day!

  10. Happy belated 9th birthday Annelise! I hope you had a great time playing in the pool, looks like it's a fun place to go to. Good luck with the swimathon I know a couple of girls here too who would think it cool to swim in the middle of the night, anything to get out of going to bed here;) x


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