How to make a new blog header using Pixlr

Last week I had a play around and spruced up my blog header.  
Do you like it?

It's taken me a lot of trial and error to figure out how to do it - so I thought I'd share for anyone else interested (and so that I can come back to these instructions    if I want to do anything like this again!)

I used the free online photo editor - Pixlr

Start there and click on 'open photo editor'.
Then 'create a new image'
Then set the width and height you need. I've got my blog width set pretty much as wide as it will go - so my dimensions are 1290 x 200
You will now have a blank box the size you want.

Now first I set the background colour.  To do this go to the colour box on the bottom left of the screen:

This will open up the colour selector. Choose your colour by first clicking on the outer circle, then the inner diamond, then click ok.

Next click on the little paint bucket on the right hand side,

 then hover the mouse over your blank template and the paintbucket should show up as your mouse pointer. Click anywhere in your template and it will fill with the colour you chose.

Now each time you add something to this, you need to first click on layer, then new layer on the top left of the screen:

Next I put in the stars.  First follow the steps with the colour tool to choose what colour you want them. I wanted white - you can see when you've changed it:

Then to create the stars.
Do to this I clicked on the brush tool on the left of the screen.  This then shows up at the top left of the screen:

Then click on the shape next to the word brush to bring up your shape options.  Choose your shape and it's diameter.  To check the size - hover your mouse over your coloured background This will show you the shape and size you have chosen.

Then to add your shapes, simply click on your background wherever you want them and they will appear!

Next the text.  Once again click on layer and then new layer.
Then click the A on the left tool bar, then click on your background and it will bring up this text box.

Type in the text you want, the font, size and colour and then you can simply move the box around your background to place where you'd like it:
Click OK when you're done.

Finally I added some photos of my past projects.  
Again click layer then this time 'open image as new layer'.

A window will then open up for you to choose an image from files on your computer.  Open the image you want and it will appear centred on your header:

To move, resize and rotate this image, click on Edit, then free transform at the top of the page:

To rotate, hover the mouse over the corner of your image until you see a circular arrow, then click and move your mouse to rotate the image. Once you've placed your image where you want it, click off the header and you'll be asked to confirm the changes.

To add more photos - start again from layer, and open image as layer.  Add all the photos you want until you're done!

Once you've finished, click on file, save, and then save it to your computer or wherever you like!

There you go - a new fancy header for your blog!

I hope you found this little tutorial useful!

(if anyone is interested, the Australia photo collage was made using another free online tool
So many different collages to choose from!)

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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial Jill. I will certainly give this a go and yes I do like your new banner. :-)

  2. I really appreciate this tutorial Jill. Layers always get my heart racing, but you made it look very straight forward. Cheers!

  3. Thanks Jill. My header could use some beefing up. I like your new one, the color is nice and bright.

  4. Looking good! I like the multitude of projects pics, and we can always use more blingy stars, yes?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this!!
    I featured it today!

  6. Thank you Thank you!!! I FINALLY have a cute blog header!!!


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