Friday, March 23, 2012

Tagged and an award!

This week I've been 'tagged' twice, so thought I'd better take a little time to answer the questions I was asked!

First of all from Tanya at Craft Couture:

1. Why do you craft? 
Simply because I love it

2. If someone could make you a handmade gift for you, what would you like to receive?
Something that I could use in my everyday life.

3. What is your favorite color?

4. What is your favorite movie or T.V. program?
Movie - Don Juan DeMarco with Johnny Depp

5. What is your current craft project?
Developing some bag patterns.

6. If you are given a free ticket/ accommodation to go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
Machu Picchu in Peru

7. If you are given another 24 hours in a day, what would you like to do?
Everything I can't fit into the current 24 hours!!!  Seriously I'd blog, craft and work for one 24 hours, and the other 24 would be all about my family.

8. Do you watch T.V. or listen to music when you work on your hobby projects?
Listen to music - I ALWAYS have the radio on.

9. What is your favorite season?

10. What do you do first thing in the morning?
Check my emails!

11. What's your favorite treat? 
Definitely chocolate!

1. How much time a week do you spend blogging?
HOURS!!  I guess if I had to average it out maybe 4 hours a day..

2. How many different states have you lived in, and which one is your favorite?
I've lived in 6 different countries - and settled in the best here in Australia!

3. Are you a "half glass full", or a "half glass empty" kinda person? Explain a little
Glass half full for sure - I'm the biggest optimist ever - I ALWAYS look on the bright side, expect the best and believe!

4. Can you laugh at yourself? 
Yes - of course - all the time! 

5. When you lay down to sleep...what do you think about?...or do you just sleep?
I go over the day in my head and think about the next day - or sometimes I make up stories!

6. Would you consider hosting a HGTV show? What would you call it and what would you do?
Sorry - don't know what an HGTV show is!!!  

7. How many Pinterest pins have you actually done? If so, was it successful?
Only a couple -simple sewing things and a couple of recipes - yes all successful!

8. Does your TP roll over or under?...(Over is the ONLY way:)

9. How many pets do you have?...What are they?
No pets

10. When was the last time you played a board game? What game was it?
A few weeks ago - monopoly with my kids!

11. Have you bought an area rug lately? If so, what brand, style, color etc. was it? (Okay this one is just for me cause' I'm trying to decide on a rug for the family room) 
No rugs I'm afraid!

And finally a while ago Pam from Threading My Way passed on a blogging award to me - so I'd like to say thanks so much to Pam for that!

Thanks ladies for tagging me and passing things on.

I hearby tag anyone reading this post who would like to answer any of the above questions to let us know more about yourselves!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Congratulations on your blog award Jill. I have to say I'm on the computer for hours too, too many I think I really need to cut down and chocolate I do love it too:) Hope you are all well.


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