Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring cleaning

In many places in the world now it's spring. Being down-under here in Australia - it's autumn.  But, up in the tropics, to me it feels like spring.  The Wet season is at it's end, the rains have stopped (for now) and the humidity is dropping away.  
Our next door neighbour has just trimmed his tall trees just over the fence and all of a sudden we have extra light and openness in our garden.  

It just feels like spring!

So - not only am I going to spring clean my house, and garden; but I'm going to spring clean my blog.  
I've had the same header, buttons and basic design of my blog since I started up - so I'm probably overdue a change!
Plus Picnik is closing in just 3 weeks, so I'm going to make use of it until then with some new photos and designs.

So I have some questions for you my readers.

What do you like or dislike about the design of my blog?  

What is missing

What is unnecessary

What bugs you?

Do you have any suggestions

Have you started your spring cleaning yet


  1. I like your style of writing and I like the name of your blog too ...A lighter shade would look better on your blog header...... I feel....

  2. A few things come to mind:
    - I really love a cute header. It's the first thing you see when a blog loads, so I like it to be interesting - you do so many cool things, it would be great if your header would represent that a bit
    - The second thing one sees is the menu under the header... yours is in Comic Sans if I'm not mistaken... I think it would be cool to experiment with other fonts.
    - I always try to keep my sidebars uncluttered - having to scroll down to see if there's anything I might have missed always freaks me out
    - The buttons at the bottom of the page are too small for me to even read what they are about (given, I use a netbook, but then, many people do), and way too much, it doesn't really make me wanna click anything.

    I hope this doesn't come across bossy... it's just the things that popped up in my head as I was scrolling over your page thinking about your question.

    Have big fun re-styling your blog!

    Shiny Bubbles


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