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Creating Success around the World - Amanda from Bespoke Buttons

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Today's guest is Amanda from Bespoke Buttons
    in Queensland, Australia

I’m very excited to be featured on ‘Creating My Way To Success’!  About 6 months ago my husband asked me, “If you could run your own business, what would it be?”  I didn’t really say anything much and kept doing whatever it was I was doing.  After quietly pondering it, I realized I wanted to make something my I would enjoy, that my friends might like and that I could share with others.  And so Bespoke Buttons was born!

My main creations are fabric covered button earrings.  I like to find interesting fabrics from all over the world for my products, which also include hair ties, hair pins/clips and bookmarks.  More recently I have been creating headbands and Coffee Cozies.

I started off selling my creations on Etsy, however have recently been venturing out to markets as well as opening a Luulla store.  I also find a lot of sales simply come from my Facebook page. Markets really do generate the most sales for me, however they are also the most time consuming – I always managed to have a good time though!

I wouldn’t say I have made too many mistakes in running my business.  Everything is a lesson and I try not to be too hard on myself when it seems like sales are a bit lower than what I’d like.  My biggest lesson is that there is a huge handmade market out there, but if you make interesting things that people like and are genuine you’ll get good customers.  I also use plenty of social media, but try to be the type of business I like to like from my own personal profile – lets me know what’s happening, but isn’t constantly saying ‘buy, buy, buy.’

I think success in business is very much an individual idea and is something that needs to be balanced with everything else in life.  Success for me isn’t about having the most sales ever, it’s enjoying what I’m doing and being able to run a business around the other aspects of my life – which are also really important to me. 

So what’s next for me?  Many more buttons of course! I’m looking at more markets for the next few months to see where I best fit and bettering my sewing skills so I can expand my range. 
Thanks  for your lovely answers Amanda- and for sharing your beautiful work with us!
Do go and visit Amanda's  website and check out more of her wonderful creations!


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