Little Jems

What is a 

Little Jem?

This is...
You might recognise this little character from my profile picture!

I started making these Little Jems a few years ago, when a friend and I had a market stall to sell some of our handmade goods.
My Little Jems were always a best seller. They were popular with both girls and boys - and were also bought as novelty gifts for adults too!

They aren't just cute little cuddly creatures - they are also little storage containers..
They can be used as desk tidies..

Jewellery holders...

or even as drinks holders:

They can be made in any colour and have been well loved and a big hit with the many kids who have bought them or received them as gifts over the past few years.

So, why am I telling you all this?
Well, I've decided to make a pattern/tutorial so that others can make  these little Jems for themselves.

I no longer have my market stall, having decided to put all my efforts instead into my blog.

But these Jems are too cute to stay hidden in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Later today, I'm going to launch my tutorial and pattern to make these Little Jems, here on Creating my way to Success.

I'm also going to include the templates for the tags I used to sell them - and ideas for developing the pattern too.

I encourage people to make these Little Jems and sell them yourselves, or give them as gifts!

When the pattern goes on sale later today - I will be offering a discounted price for subscribers of Creating my way to Success for a limited time.

So if you think you might like one of these patterns - then why not sign up to my mailing list - see top right of my sidebar.  Just for subscribing you receive the pattern and tutorial for the Kathryn Bag absolutely free:

Later today, I will mail out the discount code for the Little Jems to my subscribers.

These Little Jems are very special to me, and I hope by selling the pattern, that others can gain as much as I have from making them either for yourself, family and friends, or to sell on your own market stall.

Do come back later today when I'll post the launch and mail out that discount to my lovely subscribers.

Update: the pattern and tutorial are now available for sale at
To get your discount code- available for the first 72 hours of sale, simply subscribe to Creating my way to Success - top right of my sidebar!


  1. Those are unbelievably cute!
    Too bad for me, I probably won't be able to get one. I'm guessing I'll need paypal or a credit card.
    Who knows though, I'll patiently wait for the details!
    (ps. I love how I am typing into the future... It is evening on the 20th here in Toronto, Canada)

    1. Thanks Ange! Ha! I hadn't thought about typing into the future - but you're right! that's funny!

      I'll post all the details later today - but I am happy to organise bank transfer payments if you don't have paypal or credit card!


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