Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fitness and Motivation

This past week has been all about swimming for my 2 daughters.  After their first swimming carnival last week - resulting in a medal and ribbons, my elder daughter in particular has become more determined to improve and both girls have been swimming every day!  At their second swimming carnival yesterday they both beat some of their times from last week - and another medal was won!

Seeing the effort both girls have been putting in, I was inspired to push myself further too.

On Tuesday, I told them both as I dropped them at school, that they had inspired me to push myself in my running, and I was going to go for a personal best time for my 5km circuit.  My best ever time was

26 mins 23 seconds, 

and I wanted to get this under 26 minutes.  The girls were excited for me, wished me luck and said they would draw pictures for me if I did it!
So - out I went, and I pushed as hard as I could go. All the way I thought of my daughters, and every time I wanted to slow down, I thought of them.
When I finished my run, I was amazed when I saw my time was 

24 minutes and 46 seconds!

Almost 2 minutes faster than my best ever time!
I was totally exhausted but elated!!  It just goes to show what you can do when you really set your mind to something!

My girls came out of school that afternoon and asked straight away how I did.  They were excited for me and as promised when they got home that evening (after swimming) they made me the loveliest cards imaginable!

The rest of the week I managed to keep up my exercise - our family run on Wednesday, Spartacus on Friday plus aquathon training again today.  
In my Spartacus workout - I pushed myself harder than ever too, and the aches in my muscles the next day told me I'd done a REALLY good workout!

That pushing in my fitness, also came from my daughter asking what my goal for the year was. Fitness-wise, it is to run the Pyramid race in 2 hours (previous best time is 2hrs 39 mins) so this is a big ask.
I realised when I told my daughter this, that I really do need to improve to achieve my goal - so I have to start pushing when I train to go faster and harder, and little by little edge my way towards my goal!
So next week I'm going to keep on pushing that little bit harder to keep on improving!
When have you pushed yourself lately?  And do your kids inspire you?


  1. Good for you Jill....and what terrific inspiration you have. Great work girls.

  2. Wow Jill that is awesome!! A huge improvement on your previous best time.

    Well done to the girls too, they will be firing on all cylinders now.

    Michelle :o)

  3. Congrats to your girls for the fab results at swimming and so happy you pushed your own time. I've been trying to do the butterfly stroke and after a month been able to do two laps now.

    1. Oh wow! Butterfly! I'm constantly amazed watching anyone do that stroke - I still can't!! Good for you Sandy!! - 2 laps of it is amazing!


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