Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feels like New Year!

First of all, here's my photo for this week's photography challenge from Suzy - circles! This one jumped out at me on our patio, after spending a bit of time there this week!!

This has been my first full week of exercise and feeling 100% in 2012 - and I'm loving it!
I feel so motivated and excited, it really does feel like the start of the year for me!

I've exercised almost every day - including my Spartacus weights circuit twice.  I've managed to increase the reps on the exercises and am feeling stronger and stronger!

Our treadmill finally got fixed this week too, which is just brilliant!
I've been hopping on it during the day for just 10 mins here and there to get moving between spells on the computer and sewing machine!

Tonight we're all going to a new Aquathon training session being started by a friend of mine.  We're running about 2.5km to the local pool, swimming for half and hour, then running back.  Our daughters  want to come too - the eldest laughed at the idea of me swimming for 30 mins and said she'd coach me!! (cheeky little thing - but she's a FAR better swimmer than me so I guess I'll take the coaching!!)
So that should be fun and great exercise!  Nice to do stuff together as a family!

So for next week - I'm going to exercise every day, Spartacus at least twice, At least 2 runs and 2 cycles and 1 swim! That's 7 things for 7 days!
I'm also going to fix this..

It's only the outer mat - the trampoline itself is fine - I really just need to stitch it back into place so I can comfortably bounce on it each day! Bouncing on the trampoline is fabulous exercise - as I learnt here!
This has needed fixing for a LONG time and hasn't gotten done - so I am going to post a photo here of it FIXED next Sunday! So now I have to do it!

This week I'm also going to make a concerted effort to exercise for 5 or 10 mins here and there during the day to break up my sitting at the computer and sewing machine!!

How about you?
Have you done much exercise this week!


  1. Well done on a great week. I've done nothing other than a slow walk. Can't wait to have my little boy in a pram instead of my belly so I can get moving again.

    1. A slow walk is better than nothing Bettina! :)

  2. That's a great photo up there! I'm trying to integrate exercise into my daily routine and make it a part of my daily life this year. Before, exercise is what I did for a month at a time when I wanted to drop a dress size. Cheers to you for being so good to your body and setting such a healthy example for your kids!

    1. Thanks Rikka! And good for you getting exercise into your daily life too! I know the more I do of it the more I want to do, and the better I feel about myself!

  3. You doing so well!!! Good for you! I have walked 2 miles every day. But I like your idea of just moving off and on during the day and I am going to give that a try. My 86 year old mother believes that and says all the time.." Move it or lose it". She is so right and she is in top shape

    1. Hi SueAnn
      I once heard someone say they got fit simply by making everything they did each day into an exercise - from washing their feet in the shower by lifting their feet up rather than bending down, to stretching and bending when hanging the washing out!
      I also watch my kids and see that they do that! They run everywhere - even from room to room, skip for no reason and always squat to pick things up rather than bend over! Your mother is definitely right with move it or lose it!
      Keep up the good work!


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