New Blogger reply to comments , improved watermarks and tables!

This week I learned a few things while blogging!
Most weeks here I post a sewing tutorial for which I generally use a lot of photos.  Until now I've been watermarking them using  Picmarkr.  The only problem with this is that you can only upload 5 photos at a time, which for some of my photo-heavy tutorials takes quite some time!
This week I found a new option which lets me watermark ALL my photos in one go, and so takes a fraction of the time!
I downloaded the free Kigo Image Converter, and it's made things so much easier!!  I can't believe it's taken me this long to find this!
How about you? What do you use to watermark your photos?

Another thing I learned this week is that Blogger added a reply to comments function to our blogs!  Now I try to reply to all of my comments - and have been doing this up until now by individual emails. But I've always thought it would be good if the replies could be seen on my posts too - like on wordpress.
Well - now they can! (at least I think they get emailed to the person who left the comment too!)
At the beginning of the week when I discovered this option was now available on Blogger, I changed my settings - made my comments 'embedded' rather than 'pop-up' so that I could use this function.  However, I couldn't then get into my comments at all!!  Some people were still managing to leave me comments - so something was working somewhere.  Also when I was visiting some people's blogs, it was jumping straight to the comment form rather than their post!  AND there were some blogs that I couldn't view individual posts at all!  Most frustrating when I was trying to visit all my Round Tuit party links!

Anyway - I figured this was just teething problems with the new Blogger function so switched back to a pop up box for my comments for now and all worked fine!   

Yesterday I decided to try again with the embedded comments but had the same problem so I searched it on Google.  I found that the issue was with internet explorer and firefox and was being worked on.  SOooo I switched to Google Chrome - which we also have installed on our computer (just an alternative to internet explorer) and all works perfectly!!!  So I've replied to a couple of comments to test it and it seems to work fine!  Phew!

One other useful thing I learned this week was from Pam at Threading my Way.  She linked up a wonderful post to my Round Tuit party this week about making tables in your blog.  Now I've been adding tables for a while now - but only copying and pasting chunks of html and slowly trying to figure out which bits do what and how to customise them a bit more.  Now Pam has saved me the trouble with her excellent tutorial! Thanks Pam!

A great week of learning some useful things!
What have you learnt this week? Not just about blogging - but anything?
(I also learnt how amazing my 6 year old's memory is too!!)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this info. I have been having trouble with blogger as well this week and thought it was my computer. I will try Google Chrome.

    1. You're welcome! I hope Chrome works for you too. I just checked internet explorer again..I can now see individual posts and the comments - but can't click on reply yet! I guess it is getting fixed, s-l-o-w-l-y!!

  2. Thought it was my ineptitude this week - glad you mentioned it:-)

  3. Thanks for sharing about the watermarking. I've been wondering how to start watermarking my photos but haven't know what to use. I really appreciate this advice!

  4. Wonderful info Jill.. Will have to look into the watermarking. That commenting idea looks good too.

    1. Thanks Merry! Watermarking is important - I've seen whole posts copied and passed off as someone elses! Protect your own work!

  5. Glad the tutorial will be useful to you, Jill. Thanks so much for the link back...

    1. You're welcome Pam - you've saved me time trying to figure it all out for myself!

  6. Jill , I was reading your post and cringed in his chair, I realized that I know almost nothing about blogging!
    I recently learned about naming the pictures (I blushed) .. and comments on these tables? my God, I need to read 100 times and then stayed on research to learn!! But the important thing is to identify what this blog is also CULTURE!
    Good week and good preparation for the big celebration
    Xoxo Dolly

  7. Thanks Dolly! I'm learning all the time! and gain so much knowledge from other bloggers - I try to give back too!
    HOpe all's well with you!


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