Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Creative Space

I had all sorts of plans this week - but am still not feeling 100% - can't kick the last of this cold, and things just aren't getting done.
So my sewing plans for this week scrapped - I thought I'd prepare my photo for Suzy's 2012 photo challenge that I'm joining in with.

This week's theme is 'Fine Art'
so here's my first attempt - using one of my daughter's littlest pets!!

What do you think?

Hopefully some others will have been more creative than me this week!
Let's go see :

Our Creative Spaces


  1. My girls love littlest this is sweet art to them. Fun Jill!! I love how you try so many new inspire me.

  2. Very cute, Jill! I love playing with photo stuff, too.

  3. this is adorable! :)
    I love visiting your blog to get inspiration..thanks!

  4. yes..and you borrowed it from your daughter! how fun!

  5. Now that is incredibly sweet!! Love it! Thanks so much for participating in the challenge!!



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