Learning about advertising on blogs

Do you accept sponsors for your blog? Do you have Adsense or another advertising widget?
Of course many of us want to make money from our blogs and have added advertising in some shape or form.

I have Google Adsense on my blog - and I'm pleased to see as my stats grow, so is my income from that.  It's still small, but at least I've had my first payment from them and am well on the way to my second!  Small steps - but at least I can watch the progress and see the effect of growing my blog on the financial return there.

With sponsors - companies who pay a small fee to place their button or advert on my sidebar,  you have to be a little more active.  I run monthly feature posts for my sponsors and do encourage my readers to visit their sites.  I have turned down offers of sponsorship from companies that I don't think fit my blog and I wouldn't feel right promoting to my readers who may not find their products relevant.

I was delighted last week to receive an email from one of my sponsors who kindly shared with me their statistics showing what traffic they were getting to their site from mine.   This was great to see, as it showed what had or hadn't been effective in getting people to visit my sponsor.  Of course you want to send lots of traffic through so that companies will chose to renew their advertising on your blog.  

I learnt that to have separate feature posts for my sponsors, may not be the best form of promotion for them.  To add their feature to a regular popular post will help to gain exposure.
Also to add a link to older popular posts that get weekly visits is also an idea I'm trying now.  My tutorials are by far my most popular posts - and to add a relevant sponsored link to those posts does make sense!

If anyone has any ideas of tips on blog sponsorship or advertisng, then do share!  

What have you learned this week?


  1. Hi Jill, these tips are really helpful. I'm keen to get sponsors for my blog, I don't have any currently. Did you approach your sponsors or did they find you?

  2. I have just started to get requests about ads on my blog.... I do not do adsense at the moment either...it would be nice to earn a bit from my blog! :)

  3. I love all of your blogging tips that you share! Thank you!

  4. I've earned like $8 from my Adsense...hahaha... I'm looking into other opportunities, but we'll see... It's fun, so I am happy either way!

  5. That's a neat idea, faeaturing posts for your sponsors.

  6. Your tutorials continue to be wonderful and I can see why advertisers would appreciate being associated with them!


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