Sunday, January 29, 2012

Knowing when to take a break

This week's photo challenge theme was 'abandoned'!!  Well after thinking long and hard this is what I came up with..
Yes, sadly this is a corner of our garden which has been rather neglected.  It's part of my veggie patch, but in summer here the heat and humidity don't make great conditions for veggie growing (at least not with my meagre gardening skills, or lack thereof!) so the patch gets overtaken by weeds for a few months...
I chose to make the picture black and white because I thought it brought out the old and abandoned feeling more - a few extra effects added too just to try them out since premium effects on picnik are now free!

This photo and theme hopefully don't reflect my week of motivation and fitness however!!
At the end of last week I was feeling fit again after my nasty lost voice and cold -but unfortunately it came back a little this week!  I just couldn't kick the last of the stuffed up feeling in my nose, head and chest , and although when I exercise I feel better - I obviously wasn't getting any better, so decided my body just needed a few days break!  This coincided nicely with a family trip away to Sydney for a few days for a family wedding!  Just the break I needed!

But tomorrow will be my first full week with my girls back at school, and I've got lots planned to get done! The more I manage to exercise together with that each day, the more I know I will achieve!

Hope you've all had a great week!

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  1. I have been battling a wicked head cold as well...really took the wind out of my sails!! But I too am taking up my walking regime and hoping to get lots accomplished this week. Good luck to you dear friend.


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