Finished clutch for the Naughty Notions Clutch challenge!

Usually I try to post a tutorial on Tuesdays, but I'm afraid this week it just hasn't happened!  You know sometimes things work out -and sometimes they don't. This one was a don't!

So sorry, no tutorial today...
But here it is - my entry for the challenge:

My first attempt last week - just before heading off to Sydney for a few days holiday and a family wedding was a fail...
And now - back from the holiday my second attempt is better but I'm still not happy! 
I just managed to take a picture with the faults hidden....

BUT..let me distract you a little....

The holiday was fabulous - look at this view we had from the wedding venue..

Sady I didn't leave myself enough time for the challenge!
BUT- I will continue to work on my clutch pattern - and when I've a little more time and have it figured out - I'll post again with an updated new swankier better version - complete with tutorial!

If you missed my tutorial last week - I posted one to make a very basic shiny clutch from an old car windscreen shade - in 5 steps and 15 mins!
To see that tutorial go here!

But for now... Here's my entry for:

Thanks to Keren and Rikka for holding this challenge - I look forward to seeing all the finished entries!


  1. Can't wait to see your finished clutch pattern, I bought some fabric the other day with the intention of making a clutch. I haven't got any further than that though. I'll be waiting for yours now. Thanks for all that you share. :)

  2. oh well, if there are faults you managed to hid them very well! i like it A LOT!!! xox, d.

  3. Well, it looks lovely so either you don't give yourself enough credit for a beautiful clutch, or you don't give yourself enough credit for trick photography! I always enjoy checking in to see what you've been up to.

  4. Woo-hoo! Congrats Miss Jill, it's very beautiful!

  5. I like the subtlety of the pleats - pretty!

  6. Can't see any faults, Jill! A classic, shiny clutch waiting for a night out. Great job!!!

  7. I can see any fault either..great job, Jill. :)
    What a great view..thanks for sharing the picture!

  8. very cute!!! I think this challenged was cursed for me too.. I have not done that much ripping out of seams and bad words on one project in a long time!!

  9. Thanks everyone! and Bettina - I'm working on the pattern now - hopefully will have it to post in the next couple of weeks! I don't like when something gets the better of me!


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