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Creating Success around the World - Julie from Sesenarts

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Today's guest is Julie from Sesenarts
    in Western Australia
1. What do I create?
blue nuno felted silk wrap
I play with most mediums from painting mixed media canvasses to working with textiles. But it is the textiles that are filling my studio (and every nook of my house) at the moment! I am a particularly touchy feely person and love texture, so working with wool and silk is very rewarding for me.
I love the dyeing of the natural fibres. Mixing colours to get just the right one, drying the wool/silk then maybe painting up a silk scarf to match the wool. This will then be transformed into a nuno felted scarf. Or maybe just wool which will be felted in the traditional manner.
Wool felted web scarf

I have also been recently playing with crocheting pure wool into rose brooches which are then felted and embellished.
lavender wool brooch
2. Why do I create?
I honesty cannot tell you why. Only that I must! Most artists that I know have a built in mechanism in their brains to create works of (hopefully) beauty to enhance the world they live in. I can only go a day or two without creating something, if only a doodle on paper. Otherwise I start going a little batty!

3. Do I sell my creations?
I have been selling either canvasses or textiles for over 25 years usually at galleries but in the last 2 years I decided to get serious about my 'work', and have two outlets. One on Etsy and the other at Madeit.
4. Have I made mistakes?
I'm sure Ive made plenty! But probably what I have learn't over the last 2 years was to remember to have fun with my art. It is very easy to get into sales mode, where your life can be swallowed by the maintenance of the online shops, to the detriment of the rest of your family and art. So I try to regularly take breaks from the computer and studio. (if only short ones!)
Felted glass or camera case
And finally.
Whats next?
Well this year is going to be busy with us selling our home and building again just down the road. The next house will be a lot smaller, but I am getting a much larger studio. I am hoping, when it is complete and we are settled to start teaching mixed media classes, plus having my own small gallery. We'll see. It is all in the lap of the Gods! But hopefully it will be lots of fun along the way.

x Julie
Thanks Julie for your lovely answers - and for sharing your beautiful work with us!
Do go and say hi to Julie at her blog and check out more of her wonderful creations!

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  1. Thank you Jill for the opportunity to display my wares. Great blog! x Julie


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