Cleaning up your apps and doing what is asked!

Having started the year by losing my voice, and still not quite over this stubborn cold, I've not been forging ahead with blogging or sewing that much but I have still managed to learn a couple of things this week.

One thing I learnt yesterday, that I'd like to pass on, is that you can see what and who you've allowed access to various things like your facebook and twitter accounts- and stop that access if you no longer want it. 

and click on the links to see who has access to your accounts, and change that if you want to!  I was surprised at how many apps had access to all my account details, particularly on facebook!

Something else I've gradually come to realise is that if you want people to do things then ask them directly. Now I know that might sound a little obvious and you're thinking that I'm a bit slow on the uptake - ok, yes sometimes I am!!
However what I mean is that through blogging - and particularly through my efforts to grow my blog, I can see that you have to be proactive in asking people to click on your links, to read your posts, to vote for you in competitions. Just hoping people will chance upon your blog, and hoping they will follow you, and hoping they will come back again, and hoping they will tell their friends, just doesn't cut it.

I know that if I visit someone's blog, and I like what I see, if they've asked in their post for you to vote for them, or follow them, then I'll happily do it!

I know how much time and effort goes into blogs and the posts.  Not many people get any kind of significant financial reward for this - yet lots of people get enjoyment out of reading the blog posts.  So to follow, comment  on, or vote for the blog author is an acknowledgement of your appreciation of their time and effort.

I've been spending time this week finding some new hosts to join in my Wednesday Creating to Success hop.  I've been amazed by the response and how many people are keen to be involved!  It's wonderful!

I am still looking for more European bloggers to join us - and African and Asian too!!  So if you're reading this and are from those areas, or know a blogger in one who might be interested - then please do leave me a comment here - or email me directly and I'll get right back to you!

What about you? What do you ask your blog readers to do when they come to visit and read your posts?  and does it work?


  1. I agree with so much of what you said. A lot of us are working for little to nothing on our blogs. I get so much enjoyment out of reading comments from people that have stopped by and I've made friends with some of the truly most wonderful people through blogging. I try to remember how much participation means to me and always comment so the blog author knows I've been there and really got something from their post. I'm working on building my blog and love the idea of cleaning links up... thanks for the info!

  2. I have SUCH a hard time asking people to "like" me or "follow" me! I finally put a little blurb down on the bottom of my posts, but I feel like I do need to be more proactive! I am working through it... I am definitely going to check out the My Permissions site. It's kinda scary how much access people have to your stuff!

  3. Interesting reading Jill. It never occurred to me to actually ask my blog readers to follow me or like a post they've read. I guess I just hoped people would if they liked it enough. And it's partly because I just cringe at the idea of becoming a pushy salesperson, it's just not in my nature. But it's a dog-eat-dog kind of world out there, and a constant struggle for small businesses to get noticed, so perhaps a little bit might not be a bad thing. And I do get excited when I see someone has commented on one of my posts. It's proof that people actually do read them!

  4. Thanks for your comments! I still find it hard to ask people to do things - but it does get easier each time I do it - especially when I see that it works! But then again I don't ask a lot (I hope)

    1. Ok - this reply is just to check this new reply to comment feature!


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