Blog followers and blunt needles!

One of my goals this year is to try to grow my other blog - Be Our Best as I have done this one. To try to replicate the actions I took last year and see what is transferrable to grow another different type of blog.

My starting out point this week was to look at number of followers. 
Last year I participated in lots of blog hops - linking up to find lots of new blogs to visit, comment on and follow, bringing lots of new visitors back to my own blog in the process.
With the blog hops there is a certain amount of 'follow me, follow you'  just to increase numbers - with no genuine interest in the blogs themselves.  But it is also a way of finding new blogs too - and since a large proportion of the blogs joining the hops are crafty ones - this suited my quest to connect with more people and grow my creative blog!

However, Be Our Best - is an education/parenting and motivational blog. That coupled with the fact that my recognisable little furry Jem logo tells people that they already know my blog and are following me!:,

 I tried visiting blog hops this week and linking up as 'Be Our Best' but found that
 1.  A lot of the blogs hops I used last year are no longer running
 2.  I've already followed the majority of the blogs which are still linking up.
 3.  Google Friend Connect is no longer the main focus of followers - since it's not going to be available to non-blogger blogs soon;  and so twitter, facebook, and google + are other options being pushed - but not one any more than another.

So what I have learnt from all this and decided to do with my other blog - is to try not to get lost thinking about the 'number of followers' but instead to concentrate on spending my time finding other relevant and similar blogs. It's a different area to this blog - so I need to be looking at different blogs to network with!

So action to be taken - is spending time daily (perhaps a couple of hours) - finding blogs I'm genuinely interested in and that are in some way similar to 'Be our Best'. I need to build up a network as I've done with this blog of places I visit regularly, and people I interact with, who have similar interests and views!

On another note - what I've learnt from sewing this week is that no matter how much you try and clean dust and lint from your sewing machine, it's not going to work very well if your needle is blunt!!!

What did you learn this week?


  1. An informative post, Jill. What have I learnt? ... how to properly shut down the apps on my iPhone. I've just been closing the window without shutting down the app and apparently chewing up my battery. Not sewing related , I know.

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  3. I'll have to check out your other blog, Jill. I didn't know you had one!

    Yes, dust collects everywhere in my machine...I forget to clean it all the time and really need to have it serviced!

    Needles and minds work best when sharp!


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