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Creating Success Around The World - Pam from Threading My Way

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Today's guest is Pam from Threading My Way in
 NSW, Australia

What do you create?

My projects, at this stage, are all sewing related. I just love to sew clothes for the little people in my life. There are so many wonderful cheap and/or free patterns available now, that I am having a ball experimenting with different patterns, techniques and styles.

One of my recent creations involved me transforming a wedding dress into a smart day dress. My daughter has complete confidence in my sewing abilities and is keen to suggest things that I can sew. She came up with the crazy idea that I could transform her wedding dress. After much convincing, I did and I was so pleased that she suggested it. Here's the dress and how we did it.

I also enjoy taking part in online sewing challenges, most recently the Solids Only Tote Challenge. One of the great things about online challenges, is meeting new and talented people. They also help me to think outside the square and attempt techniques I might otherwise not use. Here's the tote I created for the challenge.

Why do you create?

That's an easy question. I create because I enjoy it. I gain immense satisfaction from being able to say, I made that. Learning is important to me and with sewing, there is always more to learn. With each new project, I build upon the skills that I already have.

Combining blogging and sewing has given me the motivation to know that the sky's the limit. The blogging world is a very welcoming community. Not only are there super talented women to learn from, but I can talk sewing to my heart's content without anyone becoming bored.

Do you sell your creations? 

My favourite articles to make are bags; in particular, bags for little people. Little Ladybird sells some of my bags, both through her website and her Facebook page. I've just this week set up my own Facebook page. Selling my bags, at this stage, is just a bit of fun. It's nice to be able to say. Ooohhh, someone bought one of my bags. Who knows where I'll head with this in the future. Perhaps I'll venture into selling kids' clothes. We'll see what the future brings.

Ballet Bag...

Miss Evie...

Denim and Frills...

Treasure + Shopper

What, to you is success? 

Success to me is learning and being happy doing what you're doing. If you're not happy, it's time to try something else. At the moment, I'm enjoying the journey of learning about sewing and blogging.

So what's next?

Concentrate on sewing and blogging. I have some plans afoot for combining the two at Threading My Way. Stay tuned for some new developments early in 2012.

Thanks for interviewing me, Jill. As well as enjoying the opportunity, it's also made me stop and think about why I do what I do.



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  1. What a fun dress makeover! And I just love that advent mystery box idea!

  2. I love that dress re-do! Thanks so much for introducing us to Pam!


  3. Thanks for the opportunity, Jill. Off to look at some of the blogs linked up. Thanks for hosting.

  4. You are one creative lady! Thanks so much for stopping by Ducks n a Row. You now have a new FB fan and follower!
    Have a great evening.

  5. Jill - Thank you very much for hosting this. I love reading Pam's interview. I will link up my will be great to make new friends from different countries. :)

    Pam is a very talented, creative, and the best of all, generous friend I made through blogosphere. She always shares great ideas on her blog. I have become a big fan of her and I have been inspired by her creations in so many ways. Thank you very much Pam :) You are the best!

  6. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for stopping by and following me today. I'm here to return the favor!

    Just from looking at your blog and this post, I'm already loving it! I adore me a crafty blogger - I'm off to look around some more! :)

    I hope you're having a great week!

  7. nice craft. Now you can use this business directory yellow pages to promote wood crafts import & export business.

  8. I loved the recycled ornies!! They are all fabulous!!

  9. Love Pam and all her creative fun!

    Thanks for the link up too! :)

  10. ps...I've tried to add the little globe button to my post 3 times and it shows as a broken link...I'll keep trying but wanted to see if you had any suggestions?


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