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Creating Success Around the World - Kate from another donkey designs

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Today's guest is Kate from another donkey designs in
 Sydney, Australia

1. What do I create - well anything that catches me eye which I have time to make - it really comes down to time. For my 'another donkey design' stores I started by selling greeting cards and have since branched out into gift tags, then Peg it Ups (both lines and magnetic). I have some other ideas I would love to explore for my store- but as with most things I have yet to find the time. In my spare time I make stamps and I have also recently started sewing (I made my first pair of PJ's for my son recently). With sewing I love the sewing part of it, but am not such a fan of all the prep work!.I also enjoy blogging all my creations and finds around the internet - I work on the basis that if i like or enjoy something, chances are at least one other person out there might too!
PJ's for my son
2. Why do I create: a couple of years ago my husband told me I needed a hobby (he felt bad playing poker and fishing and I had nothing to do). So I took this advice to heart and started crafting. I craft for myself and also to make things for my son. I have so many things on my "I want to do this list" (you can see many of them on my pinterest boards here) it is a little ridiculous. I also tend to get obsessed with an idea, but then quickly run out of steam.

3. Do I sell my creations? I sell my cards, gift tags, twine and Peg it Ups on etsy, made it, and craftumi and I also sell photographic greeting cards in some stores in the Hunter Valley (where my parents and in-laws live). I have also started having spot facebook sales on my facebook page. I wouldn't say it is profitable per se - but it does allow me to fund my hobby crafting without guilt.
Lifestyle Peg it Ups - available in etsy and made it
Airmail Magnetic Pegs - available in etsy and made it
4. Mistakes and lessons learnt: I am not sure if I could say I have made any major mistakes as i don't take it too seriously. Lessons learnt - i have learnt the more you put yourself out there, the more you get back. This applies to blogging, facebook, twitter - all social media too. I have made some good friends through the blogging and handmade community world which goes to show - it is really worth the effort.

5. Success: Success to me means being happy with what i am doing and having other people enjoy it too. And if i make some pocket change along the way - all the better.

6. What next? Well we are expecting our second child in early January - so that will throw a spanner in the works for a while. I hope to be able to keep crafting, blogging and selling through my maternity leave - but will play that one by ear. I would love to keep working on my sewing and build up my repetoire from bags and PJ's to childrens clothes and quilts- so hopefully the next baby will be happy watching mummy play with the sewing machine.


 Thanks Kate for your wondeful answers.  Do go and visit Kate's etsy and made it shops and of course her wonderful blog.
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  1. HI Jill,
    Glad to find a fellow Aussie blogger. i am now following along and am off to visit Susie's site. thanks for hosting.
    Lou (in Brissy)

  2. Oops I meant Kate (not Suzie- der!)
    thanks again,

  3. Loved the recycled ornies! Beautiful and crafty for sure.
    And the Cat in the hat outfit is adorable.

  4. Love all of the countries being represented here. Such a great idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the Mama's Pumpkin Pie recipe. I hope you give it a try! It sure is delicious!

  5. Love the cat in the hat pj's my little boy would love these. Good luck with baby no. 2 I'm expecting my 2nd baby Jan also and hoping to keep blogging as much as I can too.

  6. "Thanks, PC for this interview. It means a lot to me :) And, thank you to you too, Jill. Feel free to stop by my website for the existing and updated goodies :)
    From: Joanne - Craft Passion"


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