Friday, December 2, 2011

Cakes Creative - my daughter's new blog!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my eldest daughter, who is 8.  She sees me blogging all the time and takes a lot of interest in what I'm doing.  So today I showed her how to set up her own blog!

She's very excited about it - she did all the set up - made her header, chose the colours, and then wrote her first post.  (She did the baking this morning!)

If you have a moment - do stop by and say hi to the lovely Elise at:


  1. I'm on my way over to her page! You must be very proud!

  2. My 12 year old has been asking me for a year now to start her own Blog...... Congrats to your to visit!

  3. That is so Awesome, Jill! My boys want to start a Pokemon/Lego blog...I just haven't taken the time to help them...You go girl!

  4. Pretty start of Elise's blog. I've been there. Yummy yummy and good work.

  5. oh my gosh, how stinking cute! i'm going to go over right after i comment here!


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