Upcycled Christmas ornament - Christmas tree

Ornament 1 for my upcycled clothes advent calendar!

I took an old kids t-shirt:

Cut off the fabric on the sleeves - and trimmed off the seams:

Pinned the 2 pieces right sides together and roughly drew the outline of a Christmas tree:

Then cut it out:

Stitched around the edges - leaving a small gap to turn out:

Not forgetting to put a little loop of ribbon folded in the top before I stitched!!

Then trimmed the edges and corners,

Turned it right sides out - and stuffed it with the seams from the t-shirt sleeves - cut into small pieces!

Hand stitched the opening closed:

And ornament one is ready to hang!

Through the rest of November - I'll be posting more ornaments as I make them from various upcycled materials and things!



  1. very cute! I think I will struggle most with cutting up old clothes - that doesn't mean much though, I don't like cutting into my fabric either!

  2. I love this, stumbled on your blog through Craftser and it seems we both love to recycle/upcycle clothing. Will be checking back for more of your projects, great work :)


  3. love it! too cute! Haven't thought of upcycled ornaments. Great idea:>


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