Upcycled Christmas Ornament 4

The next set of ornaments for my

Once again using my old t-shirts - and a paper template, I cut 2 shapes from each colour of fabric.

Then with a piece of folded ribbon in the middle to hang the ornament - and right sides together:

I machine stitched around the edges, leaving a gap to turn it out..

Then turned it out and handstitched the opening closed:

Then finally added a button to the center of the bottom of the bell:

And voila! A little bell:

16 ornaments made - 8 to go...


  1. Ha, perfect use for that shape of button! Way cute - again!

  2. So adorable!! Love the button on the bottom

  3. I like this idea Jill. A great way to recycle and you are going to have a beautifully handmade advent calendar to use for years to come. I love handmade calendars, much nicer than the chocolate ones, I'm a bit mean and don't buy them for my girls anymore instead we have little activities to do each day and a natural lolly instead which they love anyway. It keeps us all happy which is good. Goodluck with the rest of your ornament making.


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