Upcycled Christmas ornament 2

Here's another type of ornament I've made for my

And here's how I made it:
First I cut a paper template of a stocking shape - and pinned that to my fabric (an old t-shirt) with the fabric folded right sides together:
(note my pattern pieces - also recycled materials!)

I cut the shape out, then stitched around the sides - leaving the top open:

Then I turned the stocking right sides out - and cut a small strip of white scrap fleece and a piece of ribbon to hang it with:

Next, I folded the ribbon in half and tucked it into the top of the stocking - and layed the top of the stocking on the white strip:

Then I wrapped the white strip around the top of the stocking:

And zig-zag stitched around the white part to secure in place:

Since I need 24 ornaments in all for my advent calendar - I thought I'd make a few the same - but with different fabrics!
I found more old t-shirts and tops:

And made a stocking from each colour:

6 ornaments made - 18 still to go!

I'll post more tomorrow!


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  2. What a gorgeous project and love the idea-- gotta see if I have some nice cloth to try your idea


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