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Creating Success around the World - Marie at Madwestdesigns

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Today's guest is Marie from Madwestdesigns in
Victoria, Australia

What do i create??
mmmm good question i think i have to answer by saying "whatever takes my fancy at the time" however i do spend most of my time Knitting or Crocheting by trade i am a dressmaker but tend to sew when i get the urge  or  just a change of scenery at the moment i have a Quilt i am working on in between all my other items on the needles.

Why do i create.
I always have, right back to my early childhood i guess it is an addiction of sorts and like any drug i suppose,i have withdrawals if i don't at least get to pick up something each day to work on, it may just come down to reading one of my books or doing a little research into a particular technique i want to know a little more about. I always travel with several projects and these are the first items packed.

My items are sold in my  madwestdesigns etsy store   and on facebook for those who wish to buy this way you can find all my creations that i have for sale some of which are OOAK.
one of my crochet designs in a OOAK wool
another OOAK due to the wool being a self patterning type

I am also lucky enough to be a stockist at our very own Viewpoint Handmade Gallery this beautiful Gallery is owned by the lovely Jess and is right in the CBD of my hometown. Jess hopes to expand soon on the retail side of things and make it into an artist mecca.
I also give them away as well, the little girl featured on my Facebook page tends to go home with something each time she comes to visit her grandma who is one of my neighbours.My other neighbours little girls have both received blankets for their beds and other items as well. They are different ages so are perfect for trying things on for me, so like all good models they get to keep the stuff.

My little Model

Have i made any money well no, not a profit anyway , i have sold some things though, so that is quite encouraging and lovely to think that someone thought enough of my items to buy one or two.
Most people just don't understand the time that goes into creating something handmade so i think we all do it for about $3 an hour.
I had a lady ask why i was charging $80 for a scarf which was OOAK , i had used hand spun,  handdyed wool and had spent about 30hrs knitting it as it was quite fiddley even though it looked quite basic, i kindly pointed out that i didn't think i would get $300 for it if i charged $10 an hr :)

OOAK hand dyed wool

 Mistakes... l'm sure i have made plenty and probably still will but it is nice to have other people admire your work and comment on it other than those within your own circle of friends. I find Facebook great for this as i can  generally ask a question and most times have it answered by someone.Most people are great and willing to pass on information about how things work.The same can be said about Etsykids Team of which you need to be a member, but i have made new friends here and also hope to make more.On the creating side of things they are not mistakes, i class it as getting it right, i am really quite fussy and won't sell something i am not happy with or give it away.

Success: There are so many different levels i wouldn't say i had reached the top yet maybe when i sell a few more items  and i can give up my day job.
Success to me at the moment is when i finish a garment and have it listed in my Etsy store or i finish a blog post or just finish any number of things that are unfinished including the ironing which i detest.
                        The biggest success to date is my wins at our local show this year
                           you can read more about this on my Blog

What's next for me is to keep going with all that i am doing and finish of some new designs, it is all very time consuming but i love it, i have being doing it since i was a kid so i can't see myself stopping anytime soon.

 Thanks Marie for your wonderful answers!  Please do go and say Hi to Marie at her blog, and do visit her fabulous etsy shop too, where she has some gorgeous items for sale - including my absolute favourite - an adorable crocheted turtle!
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