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Creating Success around the World - Kathryn Mitchell

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Today's featured guest is someone I discoverd several months ago through her beautiful blog:

Kathryn Mitchell from the

Gold Coast, Australia

What do you create?

I'm a potter; I produce hand crafted contemporary and functional tableware. Most of my work is wheel thrown, though I do the occasional spot of slip casting from my own molds too. All of my pieces are individually hand painted and I mix all the glazes myself. I have a potter's wheel in my spare bedroom and I use the kilns at the Gold Coast Potters' Association.

[flying lorikeet bowls]

Why do you create?

Creating makes me happy - it always has. I was nuts about plasticine when I was little, forever making my versions of Disney princesses! I started working with ceramics 8 years ago; I worked in paint-your-own-ceramics studios for 5 years, which led me to study ceramic design.

[lorikeet feather pots]

Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?

I currently attend Miami Marketta on the second Friday night of every month at Rabbit and Cocoon. It's a lovely new arts and designers market, only launched in August 2011. The Gold Coast is often seen as a cultural ghost town, so it's wonderful to see the creative community growing. I also stock work in outlets such as 19 KAREN on the Gold Coast, Artisan (m)art stores in Brisbane and made. Creative Space in Toowoomba, all of which are very supportive and encouraging. 'Profitable' to me means more than monetary gain; there are so many other positive aspects to creating and exhibiting, such as meeting other creatives, seeing the public interact with your work and refining your skills with every new piece you make.

[miami marketta october 2011]

[lorikeet feather cups available at 19 KAREN]

What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned?

The occupational hazards of working with ceramics seem endless! Pots can be squished, cracked, dropped, over-glazed, seconds pile is quite the monster! I've learnt to surround myself with supportive people. I'm blessed to have an incredibly talented and patient mentor, Michaela Kloeckner, who taught me at college, and many members of the Gold Coast Potters' Association have taken me under their wing to help me achieve my goals. They have all worked in various aspects of the ceramics industry, from production potters to installation artists, so their knowledge and experience is invaluable - and they are so happy to share it.


[loading a kiln]

[glaze tests]

What, to you, is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?

Success in terms of notability for a potter usually takes decades. The medium of clay is so diverse that a ceramicist usually finds a niche and can spend a lifetime working in that specific field. Success for me would be sustainability, to simply continue working with clay and support myself.

So what's next?

I have recently begun experiments with porcelain, a much finer and higher valued clay than the stoneware that I usually work with. It offers so many exciting qualities, such as translucency, a whiter and smoother surface, and therefore more vibrant colours in the decoration. In 2012 I'll be participating in a group show at 19 KAREN, as well as continuing to attend markets on the Gold Coast.

[fine porcelain can be translucent, ooh!]

[experimenting with unusual forms]

Many thanks to Jill for inviting me to participate in this blog hop tour! To see more of my work and studio, please visit my blog or website, or come stalk me on Twitter or Facebook!


Thanks for your great answers Kathryn!  So nice to see some of your lovely work!  Do pop over and say hi to Kathryn - and see more of her creations!

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  2. I have always wanted to try pottery (there are a lot of things I want to try actually). Her work is beautiful! Great interview Jill!


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