Sunday, October 30, 2011

November goals

On one of the Anthony Robbins CDs I have he says that

 "Most people vastly over-estimate what they can achieve in a year -
but vastly under-estimate what they can achieve in a decade."

I do have a tendency to set my goals high - particuarly in the short term.  Goodness me - you should see my 'to-do' lists for a Monday - they are HUGE and always spill over into the rest of the week!

But it doesn't generally make me feel bad or disillusioned! It's just the way I do things.
 But is it right?  Shouldn't I try to set more achieveable goals if I'm always falling short?

I've done lots of thinking these past few weeks - after realising that  I'm only going to achieve half of my October goals!

For those of you interested which ones - I have finally reached the $150 mark on my Google ads and so that should mean my first cheque!! Whoo hooo!!!

Plus - I have some lovely sponsors for my blog now - so this month, the thing that I'm working on for hours each day - has finally brought me a little money! Yippee!   Now I have to work hard for my sponsors to make sure they get value for their money and want to renew!

Anyway - my page views aren't growing.  I tried posting more often, but that made no difference. Why? Well I didn't think that through properly.  Most of my traffic comes for my tutorials - so to increase by simple number of posts - it would need to be more tutorials - and they take too much time for me to be able to put out more. So that didn't work! Lesson learned!

Never one to give up - I've been plotting and planning some more.  I decided that I need even more detailed a plan for my blog than usual. Or rather detailed in a different and hopefully more productive way.

Challenges seem to work best for me in terms of keeping me motivated.  It gives me a focus for the month too.

So for November I'm joining in the ....

Plus getting started on the many Christmas crafting ideas I want to try out this year.

Then in December I'm teaming up with some lovely other bloggers for a Christmas handmade special!

I've actually already got my posts planned out day by day through the next couple of months - and I'm excited about all the projects I've got planned!

In terms of my blog growth - I'm still learning - but have found it hard to plan 'what' to learn as it's more of a discover as I go along and explore things that come up.  So for now - no specific goals for that other than to make the most of and explore every opportunity that comes up.

This weekend is very busy - but I needed to get this down - and the finer details will be sorted on Monday when I get the house to myself and have time to think clearly!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Happy halloween celebrating!


  1. Glad Google Ads are working for you. I always plan WAY more than I can ever hope to achieve. I just prioritise and do the ones that are important to me. Challenges work well for me because there are public deadlines, which reminds me that I have a Framed Pouch Along starting and finishing this week and I still need to buy a couple of supplies... eeekkk!!! The Solids Only Tote Challenge should be fun!!!

  2. I do not think, and believe Tony R would agree, that it is ever a BAD thing to have a lot of goals, as long as they are related in some way to a larger picture.
    Pam is correct, that prioritization is the key.
    You will never have down time when you are saying "what next" but you also must make time to focus on the present as well, not just aiming at some unknown future.
    Enjoying the journey is more important than arriving.
    Growth in all things is a gradual process. Occasionally peek back and notice how far you have come.
    And take note of how many you have helped along the way. More than you would imagine.

    (I am rereading Mike Dooley right now)


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