A new clothes upcycling project started!

I feel like I haven't done a decent clothes upcycling project in a while - and the new fantastic ideas being added all the time to my clothes upcycling page are inspiring me! We've almost reached 160 links - so many great ideas - and I know there are more out there so keep on linking them up!

Anyway - my new project is a Christmas one!
These are the clothes I'm going to use:

But I've only just started...

I'll post what I make in a few days - watch this space!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful creative weekend!


  1. Oooo, looks exciting! One of my projects I have to start soon is cleaning out my wardrobe and cutting everything up ;)

  2. I'm loving that your Christmas project is in shades of purple! Now I'm curious to see what will be Christmassy about it. Staying tuned...

  3. Wow, very nice! That's recycling at its best. My grandma said that if your clothes have become too small, you can either give them away or make something else out of them. I wanna see the end result of your project!


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