Thursday, October 27, 2011

My not very creative space!

A few years ago we bought a day bed to put on our patio outside. Living up here in the tropics, a lot of time is spent outdoors - so this piece of furniture has been very well used!
However - the covers are all getting quite ragged and very faded - after several years exposed to the elements!

So in my wisdom - and true style of upcycling - I thought I'd make use of a pile of old curtain swags a friend gave me - and whip up some new covers. Cost $0

Unfortunately satisfaction  also 0!!

YEUK!! I just don't like it! 

And honestly I think the old ratty faded version was better!

Not that any of these photos are very inspirational!
I need some colour!

Don't we all have failed projects though?
Now this one will just become a challenge - and at least I 've got some good daggy, dull and colourless 'before' shots

For something a lot more colourful and creative - head on over to Our Creative Spaces!


  1. Hi Jill

    Well I think It is an improvement for sure, I actually really like that fabric. But I agree, a splash of colour is definitely needed. This muted colour really lends itself to some sort of bright trim.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I hope your parents are enjoying their stay so far.

    Michelle :o)

  2. I like the makeover Jill! It just needs a couple of extra throw pillows in a contrasting colour and texture to finish it off. Great recycling project.

  3. I like the fabric too. However I immediately thought "RELAX!" So you could applique one letter and exclaimation mark onto each cushion. Just the right number of cushions!

  4. I agree with everyone...the fabric looks wonderful and as you said a splash of colour would just finish it. I like Truidi's idea too.

  5. Yep...just add some bright colors and all will be well!!

  6. You could always paint them with a wash of textile paint to add some more color. They look comfortable to me.

  7. Hi jill

    nice tutorial thank you


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