Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do you want to join my tribe?

A while ago I found a fantastic site called Traffic Generation Cafe, writted by Ana Hoffman.
One thing I really love about her blog is that she takes the time to reply to comments - and you really feel like she's there personally helping YOU!! (I do anyway!)
The more I go there the longer I stay each time - as I click on various links to all her detailed, relevant and useful posts.
Today I started out on her post
and an hour later I finally managed to pull myself away from her blog to get some things done!

I was particularly interested in reading about a Commenting Tribe.
From my understanding this is basically a group of people with similar blogs who get together to help promote each other by commenting on each other's blogs and mentioning their posts on facebook, twitter etc.

I think this is a fabulous idea - there are plenty of people out there with similar blogs to mine who would love to expand them and grow - and why not try to help each other, by using all of our networks together? 

It does mean that each member of the tribe (starting to sound a bit like Survivor now) has to do their bit for it all to work - and it does mean committing to a little time each week to do this - but the potential benefits are BIG!

So - I think I may start my own tribe!!  Of course I'd have to think of a really cool name for it - and wouldn't there have to be a secret handshake too?

Have you every been in a commenting tribe before? Do you think they sound like a good idea?

Anyway - if you think that your network of readers might be interested in my blog - and vice versa - and you like the idea of a commenting tribe, then do leave me a comment here or email me and let's see what we can work out!



  1. I might be interested - but I can only do it during nap time and after baby bed time - I try not to blog when my toddler is awake :)

  2. Good idea! My blog is only very new though so not sure how much help I would be :D

  3. Ditto what Erin said! I am brand new and don't have many followers. I want to work at growing the blog and this would be perfect for me as long as the group was kept fairly small as, like Melissa, I'm limited to times when my toddler is asleep.

  4. I'd be happy to be a part of it.

    I'm afraid that I have made my blog a little specific...to Catholics, even though I also post general craft ideas and family tips. I hope I can still be a part of your tribe?


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