Monday, October 31, 2011

Adding a little excitement!

Last night in a conversation with my mum
 ( after a wonderful family day, when we all climbed a nearby mountain )
I had a 'light-bulb' moment.
I realised I need to inject some 'excitement' into what I'm doing.

I'm enjoying the sewing and blogging that I'm doing but is it exciting? Is it something that ignites a passion in me and creates a momentum that allows my projects to grow and develop to their full potential?

What do I mean by excitement?

Well the examples from other areas of my life and my past that come to mind for me are these three things.

1. When watching an AFL match (Aussie rules football) - and I'm sure this relates to any sport.  When one team starts to score goals - they often get 'on a roll' so to speak - their confidence builds and it seems to bring out the best in all the players.  The more they score - the better the team starts to play - as the excitement builds in the stadium I think the fans contribute to this feeling that drives on the team that is winning to play even better.

2. When I was younger, I used to do gymnastics.   I remember one particular evening at our club - it was the end of our session, but one girl just managed to master a move that she'd been practicing for a while.  The parents had all arrived to collect their children - and the atmosphere became excited as everyone congratulated her.  As this was happening - a few of us other girls - tried our moves another time - and several of us had breakthroughs there and then in suddenly being able to do moves we'd struggled with for sometime!  I remember the feeling of excitment from that evening - and I do believe it contributed to driving everyone to believe in themselves and do their best.

3.  One of my favourite books is Michael Crichton's "Travels".  It's a collection of short tales of experiences he had in his life and what he learned from them.
One of these tells of him attending a 'spoon bending party'.  He describes around a hundred people all in one room - bending spoons, and forks - with an excited party atmosphere.  No tricks - just everyone having fun! Sounds crazy?  Maybe - but an interesting idea of what can be achieved with focussed inattention and energy!

So how does any of this relate to my blog and sewing?
Well I do enjoy what I'm doing - but currently I'm not feeling the passion.  I need to get that back.  Think more about the whys and have a bit more fun with things.  The upcycling side of things - is something that I do get passionate about, so it's good I'm getting back into more of that!

As I mentioned in my November goals post - I've planned my posts for the next couple of months already - so now it's time to inject something else into them! 

I love making activities fun for my girls - turning chores and homework into a kind of game!  Time I did it for myself!  If I can grab that passion and excitment - imagine what I can achieve!!!
There - I've put it out there - so I have to do this now - Best get my thinking cap on as to how to add some excitement.......

Do you manage to add excitement to your daily life?

Are you passionate about what you do? And do you think that those who are - manage to achieve more than those who aren't?


  1. I think excitement is important and you might be onto something here ;) Perhaps I should try for the same thing.

    I do get a little excitement injected into all my work. Usually at the end of an evening sewing I take my work out to hubby in the lounge room to show him and he always says "cool" in that impressed sort of way. Makes me realise that I've achieved something special even though to me it might be pretty basic and ordinary.

  2. good luck on your excitement adding, though i am not sure how you are going to do that. looking forward to it!

    i'm pretty passionate about my work, actually, and that's the number one word people use when describing my presentations. i'm super proud of that!

  3. I enjoy several things, but can't say that I'm "passionate" about any one thing. After a bad experience at my last job, my husband and I decided it was time for me to quit and try and work from home. I'm having trouble finding a niche that I can also make money at. I enjoy my blog (need more traffic to make it profitable), writing (wrote one book, but haven't found the best way to market it), sewing and card making. Hoping I figure something out soon. I'm an email subscriber and enjoy reading your blog. :)

  4. Karen - so nice of your hubby to be so supportive of your work! - we all need that from someone!

    miss Cape on the Corner - good for you working in something you're passionate about - so you should be proud!!

    And Kelly - hang in there - you'll find what works for you so long as you keep looking and trying. I keep reading that all these successful people did go through several ideas and projects before they hit on the one that worked for them! Persistence and consistency will get us there!:)


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