Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learning HTML

In my quest to grow my blog and make it into a profitable business that I can run from home, I have decided to learn some html.
As I've been learning more about my blog - particularly the presentation, I've found myself learning small snippets of html to 'tweak' the templates that you get on blogger.

For example I learnt recently how to add borders to the photos in my posts by just changing a small part of the html for each photo.

And just this last week - how to make a photo gallery page using html code.

So I thought it was time to put a bit more structure into my knowledge since websites is the area I've chosen to pursue as a 'business'.

I did a search and found that there are several free online html courses, so this is my starting point.

The one I've chosen to start with is:

My plan is to take a lesson a day and to try to implement and really use what I'm learning to try and get the most out of the course and hopefully improve my blog in the process.
Today I just looked at the introduction and lesson 1, In which I learned what html actually stands for:

H = Hyper
T = Text
M = Mark up
L = Language

I also learned that your webpages may look different in different browsers.  I have Internet Explorer and Google Chrome myself, but not Firefox.  My website looks the same in both of my browsers, but I wonder if there are any differences in Firefox?

How about you?  Have you learnt any html to help with your website design?  Or do you just use the templates provided with blogger or another webhost?

Does anyone have an html course to recommend?
I'd love to hear from anyone who has done one of these courses and what your thoughts were on it!

As I work through the course - I will be sure to post about what I'm learning!


  1. I've had some basic html knowledge since back in the day when I used to code the occasional page for in-jokes between friends. I use it just to tweak bits and pieces on my blog, it comes in handy sometimes

  2. Thank you for this post! It's extremely helpful, especially for a noob like me.

    1. You're very welcome Colby! Glad it helps!


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