Laura's Dream - epilogue

Laura's Dream

“How does a trip to Australia sound?”  Sean’s voice boomed into the hallway as he opened the front door.
Four sets of footsteps came pounding towards him from various rooms in the house, both upstairs and downstairs, “Daddy!  Daddy!” they all cried together as they jumped up onto him to welcome him home.  He gently lowered them to the floor, then hugged and kissed each in turn.
“Are we going to Australia?” asked Ben, the eldest boy, who at six was already tall and just like a miniature Sean, with the same dark wavy hair, and striking black eyes.
“As long as your mother agrees!” Sean said, beaming at the sight of Laura walking towards him from the large rumpus room off to the left of the hallway.  He never tired of looking at her. Carrying four children seemed to have had no effect on her perfectly athletic body which remained impossibly toned, right down to the flat stomach that was the envy of the many friends she had made through various mother’s groups.
“Hello darling” she said as she kissed him lingeringly on the lips.  “Australia sounds like fun!  We haven’t had a holiday for a while, when are we going?”
“Yippee!!  Shouted the twins, Joe and Brendan, jumping up and down, their small fists punching the air in excitement.
“And what about you, Samantha?” Sean said as he swung their youngest child up onto his hip.
“’stralia” she said giggling in delight as her Daddy tickled her sides making her squirm in his arms.
“Well that’s settled then, I’ll get all the flights arranged, we go next week.  I’ve found a promising little hotel we can have a look at Laura,” Sean said loosening his tie.
Laura smiled at her husband, thinking how their lives and dreams were now enmeshed tightly together.  At first she had been reluctant to voice her opinions about the many projects Sean took on through his company, but with his encouragement and frank approval of her thoughts and ideas, they had slowly become a formidable team when it came to spotting potential and planning developments.  
Sean now passed on most of the projects to various other trusted staff members, choosing only the best locations and opportunities to attend to personally, and involve his growing family in.  Just four months after their meeting in Spain, Sean and Laura had been married, in a small intimate ceremony on a South American beach, with their honeymoon spent exploring the magnificent and fascinating Mayan ruins dotted through various countries including Mexico and Guatemala.
Nine months after their wedding, Benjamin had come along, and their jet-setting lifestyle was slowed down somewhat.  They had moved into Sean’s family home in Niagara Falls and Laura had soon added her own touches to the magnificent house and gardens.  They now spent most of their lives at home, but twice a year they went on extravagant holidays, combining a work project with fun and sightseeing for all the family, lavishing plenty of love and affection on their children, and each other.
“I’ll start getting things organised straight away!” Laura replied, her eyes lighting up at the thought of another adventure. “We may be away for a while, Australia is an awfully big country you know!” She said turning to walk back into the rumpus room, where they would relax for a while, relating tales to each other of everyone’s day, before enjoying the last of the summer warmth with a large barbeque dinner outside on the patio.
Laura watched as Sean sat down with their children on the deep pile rug that filled the floor space of the huge room.  She thought about how full and rich her life was, grateful for all that they had and shared, and also grateful that they still all had dreams, which they shared together.  She smiled and sat down on the rug to join her family, her eyes catching Sean’s and feeling the thrill of attraction that had not dimmed at all over the years, and she knew it never would.

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  1. You are a talented writer Jill! Enjoyed reading the story - hope you have some more novels planned!

    For some reason your posts haven't been loading properly in my google reader over the past couple of weeks so have just caught up what you have been up to.

    Your trip to Bali looked amazing - such a great place for a family vacation.


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