Facebook and Twitter - do you use both?

This red lily bloomed in our garden this week.  I love this flower - but it's the only one we have. It only flowers once every two years, so I wanted to share it!

But this flower has nothing to do with the topic of this post (sorry!).  Let me get to that!

I'm slowly beginning to use Facebook more - and this week I even 'tweeted' a few times!
Ok ok, so I'm a bit behind the times. I don't have an iPhone and don't regularly use social media.
However through my blog I'm starting to see how they are something I really want to start making more of.

I think in life, we have different circles of friends. Those who share different interest with us. For example we may have friends who also have kids the same age as our own, and spend time with them doing family activities.  Then there may be the friends we go to the gym with, or perhaps a book club where we meet with a group of people to discuss what we're reading.

For me - the more I get into my blog and sewing, the more I realise that my circle of friends who share these interests are online and scattered all over the world, and facebook and twitter are how to keep in touch with them and get to know them more.  I love that I've found people who share my interests and can appreciate me getting excited about something I've sewn - or when I've discovered how to tweak a tiny bit of my blog by learning a piece of html code.

I do tell my other friends about my successes - and try to show them things I've made - but they're only interested in as far as it's mine - they're not into sewing or blogging.  As these elements become increasingly important in my life - and become what I want to make something of in terms of a business or 'job' , I'm wanting more and more to connect with like-minded people and share my experiences.

As I use social media more - it poses this question for me - why have both a facebook and twitter account?   Do most people use either one or the other?  I see you can connect your facebook and twitter accounts. But why do that and not just use one or the other?

Is it simply because some of your friends may use one but not the other - so it's a way to communicate with everyone at once?

Of course I've read lots about the advantages of social media sites in promoting your blog and for marketing purposes.  Naturally as I want to grow my blog into a profitable business, I want to be able to do this.  I was recently reading an article from the Traffic Generation Cafe about how to get traffic from Twitter.  It was interesting reading how there is a limit on Twitter as to the number of people you can follow in relation to the number of people following you.  Apparently you can get banned from twitter for following too many people!!  Who knew!

You can follow up to 2000 people with no problems, but then once you go over that, you can follow only 10% more than your number of followers!

Now since I'm only following 37 people, I'm not likely to have this problem - nor do I want to.  I can't bring myself to randomly follow hundreds of people on twitter who I don't know, even if they do have similar interests to me.  Maybe in time my circle will grow that big - but hopefully it will be of people who are genuinely interested in each other.  Or is this naive of me?

Does this mean I'm not ruthless enough - or focussed enough perhaps on making my hobby a business?  How can I keep it all personal and grow my blog massively to a profitable size at the same time?  I'm doing this because I love it - but I know I have to push the boundaries and go beyond my comfort zone to turn my hobby into a business.

However - I think it's important to keep on enjoying what I do - and not get too caught up in statistics,  followers and the like. 

As with everything in life - it's all about finding the right balance!

And finding the fun and enjoyment of every aspect of what I'm doing!

How about you? Do you use facebook and twitter? One or the other or both?  And how do you use it?

What are your thoughts on pushing to build your list of followers to help promote your business or website?

I'd love to know your thoughts and experiences!


  1. I am a web editor and online advisor and I always advise clients to seek a social media that suits you and that your target audience will use. Most people start use social media like headless chickens and that won't get results ;-) Think what you'd like to use, what suits your blog/website/topic and focus on that.
    Good luck ;-)

  2. I tried twitter but don't think I logged on more than twice. I have Facebook open all day but it's more personal. Until today, I only had one friend on there who I'd never met in person and that was the wife of someone I do know.

    Now I have one friend who I don't know in real life and don't have any real life connections to ;)

    My blog is about my crafting and my Facebook is about me. I used to post my blog updates to my FB page but got sick of all my relatives and non-crafty friends "liking" the posts without actually saying anything substantial about my work. I do post photos of my finished crafts on FB, but it's more of a 'look at something I made', rather than the 'come into my craft room' feel of my blog posts.

    When I get my online selling up and running I'm going to make a FB page for it, but I wont be double posting everything to both places. My personal page is about me and my 'business' page will be for business stuff.

  3. I appreciate you thinking through this..it is helpful for me. Also your pic is perfect. way to go it is gorgeous.

  4. When you get a really interesting answer about why use both Twitter and FB, please send it to me Jill, I want to know too!! :) I have both... both are personal and not related to my blog. BUT I use Facebook more. I use Twitter to get news, traffic updates and celebrity gossip. I rarely log in though.

    Regarding using it to promote a blog, my personal observation is that if someone is on Twitter... he or she is most likely to be on Facebook too. You can do both, but that will require more time to maintain both. If you have to choose just one, I think I'll go with Facebook.

  5. I have a twitter account that I use mostly for my blog although I do have a few family members on it. I have a personal facebook account and I need to set up one for my blog...mainly because my readers are asking me to do so.


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