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Creating Success around the world - featuring Toni from the Red Boot Quilt Company

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Today's featured guest is..Toni from the Red Boot Quilt Company
Brisbane, Australia
 What do you create? 
I have always had a passionate love for colour, texture and simplicity.  I also like the idea of creating something that is useable but is beautiful too.  This led me to patchwork and quilting.  I could marry my love of colour and texture with my need to create, whilst fulfilling my underlying wish for that creation to be used and loved.
I’m fascinated at how a much a loved textile softens and fades with age and use.  It doesn’t lose its beauty with age, it simply changes.   The colour and texture becomes softer, gentler.
I mainly make quilts.  They satisfy most of my creative needs.  Recently I’ve been experimenting with softies.  My youngest daughter has the biggest collection of my softies you can possibly imagine and she loves every one.  They all have names, even the mutant failures that didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to.  She won’t let me throw any of them away.
Why do I create?
Because I need to, it’s a compulsion.   I think that I would go mad with boredom if I couldn’t play with colour and texture on a daily basis.  Something in my soul would shrivel and die.  I’ve grown up with textiles and they are part of my life.  I learnt to knit and crochet when I was ten years old.  I was introduced to English paper piecing when I was the same age.  Apart from a disastrous interlude with high school Home Ec. there hasn’t been a period in my life where I didn’t sew, knit, crochet or paint.
Do you sell your creations?
Yes, I do.  I have a small indie pattern writing business called The Red Boot Quilt Company.  I sell my patterns via my blog and website and I have a few Aussie stockists and the Fat Quarter shop stocks some of my PDF patterns.  I sell my quilts and dolls privately or through commissions.  I’m hoping to get more patterns and handmade items loaded to my website soon.  Time is the enemy I’m afraid.
Is it profitable?
It can be, but it is a very competitive business.  You need to have the fortitude to stick it out and slog away at it on a daily basis.  Sometimes this can be very difficult and you can wish that you had a regular job that paid a regular wage :oD  I’ve done a lot of magazine work and private commissions to pay the bills.
What mistakes or lessons have you learned?
I’ve got to agree with Kat (Diary of a Flutter Kat) in saying that the online business world is very fickle and it is very easy to get caught up in the liker/follower culture.  You end up questioning yourself and your work.
Some of the most successful creative arts businesswomen I know don’t have blogs, Facebook accounts or subscribe to Twitter.  You have to go with what works for you and what you are comfortable with.
It is very easy to get distracted by stats and what is successful or popular for other designers.  Go with your heart and create what you love and love what you create and all else will follow.  Sometimes I wish I would take my own advice :oD  Try not to get caught up with fashion or fads. 
What to you is success?
Keeping the enjoyment and passion in creating, and being happy with what I am creating.  To me, to be unhappy with my work, is failure.
What’s next?
A new start.  A clean slate.  I always produce my best work when I’m enjoying what I’m creating.  I got caught up with a lot of industry deadlines and commissions over the past couple of years, and I’ve found that this has really dulled my creativity.  I’ve realised that I have been working like an automaton and this isn’t conducive to creativity.
I also want to return to formal study.  I want to study colour and textiles.  I would like to specialise in textile design and fabric/yarn dyeing.
My daughter and I are also experimenting with resin and moulds.  I’m hoping to produce my own button range.
The future is an unwritten book.  It will be interesting to see whether I have moved forward this time next year or whether I’m still trying to see where I fit in with the great scheme of all things crafty.
Thanks so much Jill.
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Great answers there and wise words too about working online!! Thanks Toni!

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  1. Dolly came from the blog, Brazil, see Toni's creations, which are beautiful.
    Succeeding with crafts is not as easy as you think. I loved her interview!

    Hugs from Brazil
    Ana Maria

  2. Oh, I love the colors! Beautiful work!!


  3. Hi Jill

    this interview was direct to my heart. I'm crazy about quilting and would love to learn any day ... I think an art ludica that facilitates and attracts more and more creation. Fantastic!!

    Love Dolly

  4. I love quilts, and on our blog hop, I always click on links of blogs that feature quilts first. I love Toni's quilts. Love the colors! Off to visit her now.

  5. Great colors. Jill I Love that you do an international blog hop! thanks for being a fun blogger!

  6. Hi Jill.
    Toni is a friend of mine and she's a beautiful real person.
    A great interview. Thanks.
    Will pop by and visit some of the other people too :-)

    Robyn of Daisy Quilts


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