Creating a gallery of pictures on your blog

For a while now I've looked enviously at other people's blogs who have a nice neat gallery of pictures with clickable links on their blogs.  That is exactly what I wanted to do for my tutorials page - so I decided that it was time to stop admiring and do something about it!

I'd had a look around on Google - and found a couple of tutorials on how to create a table in html, but then stumbled across this brilliant blog which made it all very simple for me!

The fabulous Tricia at Sweeter than Sweets has posted a very simple and easy to use how-to on her blog right here.
She basically gives you the html code with the parts colour coded and labelled where you copy and paste in your photos, links and write your labels!  What could be simpler!!

Here's what it can do..

Insulated Lunch Bags
Insulated Lunch Bags

Bed Pockets
Bed Pockets

Pencil and Notebook Folders
Pencil and Notebook Folders

Jewellery Bags
Drawstring Jewellery Bags

Pretty cool hey?? Each picture is a clickable link that opens in a new page!- go ahead - try one!
One thing I did manage to struggle with, was adding more than 4 photos.  The html she gives has 4 clear sections which to me looked all the same - so I tried just copying and pasting one of these again and again at the end to add more photos - but this gave me a long string of photos all in a line - not a table, so they ran all across my sidebar and off the page!!
So, if you want to add more than just 4 - then copy and paste the WHOLE html code again under the first lot - and repeat for each row of 4 pictures! Very simple!
So thank you SOOO much Tricia for providing this html for us to use!

Go and see my new look Tutorial's page!
And do go and check out Tricia's Gallery too!

Have you learnt how to do any fancy new layouts for your blog lately? Do you have any great how-tos or links to share?


  1. wow, great information. Thank you for sharing


  2. Thanks for all the links
    Great idea

  3. Hi Jill! I found you via {nifty thrifty things}, and I'm so excited to be at your party! Thanks so much for hosting. I'm a new follower, and I look forward to getting to know you and your blog better! Thanks again, Gwen

  4. Congrats on finding a system that made it easy for you to do what you wanted to do. The Internet is awesome! Looks great.

  5. Thanks for sharing this! was thinking of my loads of tutorials look better on my tute page. I will surely try this out!

  6. Thanks for sharing my tutorial with your readers and I'm glad it helped!! Trust me, I struggled with changing that html, too. It's confusing because only a small section of it is what is repeated.

    I just updated the post on how to create a gallery of images on your blog to explain how to add or take away images (also with an update to the formatting so it's easier to tell what's going on).

    Hope this helps!!


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