Blog posts direct to Twitter - a success!

Yesterday, I found a very useful post on Crafty Mummy's blog:

In it, she talks about her checklist of things she does after she writes a post.
On her share list - she mentioned that her posts are automatically set to be published on Twitter!

As you can imagine - having just set up my Twitter account and currently trying to figure out how to use it - I followed her instructions to set this up to try.

  •  Click on My Account at the top of your page (in Blogger - not sure if it's the same in Wordpress or others)
  • Click on Feedburner, and your feed title (title of your blog)
  • Then click on the tab that says Publicize
  • Then 'Socialise' at the left side
  • Add your twitter account - then activate it at the bottom of that page
  • Voila - you're done!
Now all my posts automatically get tweeted on my twitter account.

This morning my post calling for guest post tutorials was automatically 'tweeted'. Then within minutes - one of my lovely (14) followers on twitter replied and we chatted and orgainsed for her to do a guest post on my blog - instantly right there on twitter!!!

I have to say I was REALLY excited that I used Twitter to organise something!! 

Yippee for small successes and enjoying every one of them! Every small win motivates me onwards and makes me imagine bigger bigger wins and successes in the future!

Do you enjoy your small achievements and successes?

Are your posts set to automatically feed to your Twitter account?

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