Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thank you!

Have you noticed my blog header is now new and improved? Crisper sharper and sparklier! and it's all thanks to the fabulous new blogger on the street.. Rikka at... Richochet and Away!

She noticed my header was a bit blurry and incredibly kindly just made me a new one!! How nice is that!!
Random acts of kindness bring smiles and happiness to people - this certainly did to me!!

 Computer graphics aren't my strong point - as you may have noticed from the simple design of my blog and basic straighforward buttons I have!! I tend to kind of fiddle around with Pixlr until something comes out that is presentable then stop before I stuff it up!!  - yep I really am that bad! I have tried tutorials, but nothing has clicked in my little brain just yet! 
Anyway - I'm chuffed to bits with my new crisp sparkly header - so thank you so much Rikka!

Please go and check out her fabulous blog - she makes the most amazing bags!!  But don't take my word for it..

Now while I'm on the subjects of thank yous - I have some other people to thank for some blog awards!

Sorry I'm a bit late in my thank yous - but better late than never! I do appreciate them all!

This award was passed on from Love affair with my brother.
and I would like to pass it on to..

This one from Kissed by a Frog
and I would like to pass it on to..

This one from Kiwi Gets Crafty
and I would like to pass it on to..

And this one from Quilted Euphoria
and I would like to pass it on to..
my good friend Michelle - over at Pink Paper Paradise

Thank you to everyone for these fabulous awards!!  I know there are always 'rules' to go with them - telling people about yourself, but they're all a bit different - and not being much of one for rules - I'm just saying a BIG THANK YOU to those who passed it on to me - and to let those I've passed it on to know that I think your blogs are fabulous - and these awards are a recognition of your creativeness, hard work and your generosity in sharing this with others via your blog!

So for the recipients - feel free to do with the awards what you will ! Make up your own rules !!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh, I love that you didn't follow the rules for the award!! And that you just passed it on to one person.

    I got sent an award once and was supposed to nominate 5 people for it. At the time I don't think I even followed 5 blogs so I put it aside for later and never came back.

    Just being a simple "I got an award, thank you, I'll pass it along" is really great.

  2. I love your new header! It is crisper and the stars shine brighter!

  3. Miss Jill, you are so very welcome! I started my whole blogging adventure by following your 10 blogging tips, and I'm afraid you're stuck with me for the long haul. :-)
    It seems strange to thank someone for thanking you, but I can't help myself. Thanks for putting your thank you in a post like this! I'm overwhelmed... it's all very kind and I appreciate it so much!
    Rikka J.
    Ricochet and Away!

  4. Aw thank you! And here I was feeling bad for doing lots of small things this week not worthy of blogging about... My Sunday suddenly looks a lot brighter :) Now if I could only get that dress finished...

  5. Congrats on those lovely awards and a new header :)

  6. Thanks for the lovely award, Jill! And what a kind, thoughtful blogger to remake your header! It looks great.

    p.s. I'm with you - computer graphics are a closed door to me.

  7. Hi Jill

    Oooh wow, love the new banner!

    Thank you for sharing the blog award with me.

    I love watching your blog grow daily, it really is becoming the go to blog for useful tips and ideas.

    Michelle :o)


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