The Retro Pillow Challenge!

Today instead of a guest post,
I wanted to tell you all about a fabulous new challenge that is about to start! 
As this project runs throughout September - and I've just learned than in the USA, September is National Sewing Month - what better way to celebrate than to sew a retro pillow??

(And let's not restrict that national sewing month to the USA - let's make it INTERNATIONAL Sewing Month!! )

Here are all the details - do go and visit the hosts blogs, check it out and sign up for the fun!
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Here's the idea - in this challenge we'll each design and make a Retro Pillow, according to these guidelines.

Project: Pillow cover, approx 50x50 cm (20 x 20 inches)
Design: Retro style squares/rectangles with rounded corners, optional circle in the center. See our retro pattern inspiration gallery for a design ideas.
Color scheme: whatever you like!
Techniques: Use at least one of the following: Quilting, Applique, Reverse Applique (hand stitched and/or machine stitched)
Voting: Anyone can vote via a poll that will be posted on the sidebar.
Prizes: Winner(s) receive bragging rights and a super-neato badge of honor!


Start: September 1st, 2011
Last day for Submission: September 30th, 2011
Last day for Voting: October 31st, 2011
Announcing the Winner: November, 2011


You didn't think we'd throw you into a retro pillow war without any weapons, did you? Check out this fully packed arsenal of tutorials and websites that we have compiled for you. When you visit these links, be sure to let the authors know why you are there and how helpful their posts were.

Count me in! How do I sign up?

Email Rikka or Keren asking to join, or just comment on this post in order to participate.
Please take the time to specify the following - we want to get to know you!

  1. Your name
  2. Where you're from
  3. You, in a nutshell
  4. Your blog/website name(s) and URLs
  5. When did you start blogging?
  6. How you heard about the Retro Pillow Challenge
  7. Briefly describe your first sewing project
  8. Briefly describe your last sewing project 
  9. Tell us something about you that might be surprising
  10. URL for an image to represent you or attach one we can use
Once you join, you will be invited to the Retro Pillow Challenge discussion group.

Grab a Button!

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Retro Pillow Challenge

Retro Pillow Challenge

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The Dos
  • Do follow the rules.
  • Do spread the word by telling your friends and displaying some buttons.
  • Do be friendly and check out the contestants' blogs, talk some smack, become their newest follower, spread the love.
  • Do contact one of your lovely hostesses if you are having any problems or need something cleared up.Do let us know how we can can improve this challenge. We're kind of making it up as we go along and learning as we go.

The Don'ts
  • Don't take this too seriously.
The Challenge Participants!

Kadie of Seven Alive:
"I am a mother of 5 wonderfully beautiful children. It keeps our home busy and noisy. I am luck to be able to stay at home with them. I am a bit of a scattered crafter. Mostly I like to creat things that are fun for my kids or useful in some way. I like to upcycle and thrift. I craft and blog as a way of keeping my sanity and have some "me" time. Number 4 & 5 of my children are the only ones born in the same state. They were both born in Texas. The rest of them all have their own birth state. They are Colorado, Montana, Idaho, and then Texas for the last two."
email | profile | blog
Lauren from Michigan:
"I spend my time sewing, mainly bags and purses. Earlier this summer i participated in my first street fair, Peacefest, and im getting ready to do one more before the summer is over. I've named my little brand Through My Eyes. I dont have a "real" job, sewing is what i do every day – that and housekeeping stuff. I live with my boyfriend and his grandfather and they are very supportive."
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Emily Fish of Domestic Deadline:
"I'm a mom of 3 trying to get my crazy house under control, but crafts keep getting in the way! I love to sew, but I'd really love to design furniture!!!"
email | profile | blog
Adrianne of Happy Hour Crafts:
We will be offering craft classes, crops, and even home parties...yes this means we bring the product to you..we will be a traveling scrapbook store and more. We want to get into other areas of crafts such as jewelry, stain glass and if you have an idea or suggestion please share it with us. Let's all raise our glasses...cheers to this new adventure and we can't wait to share all this new information with new and old crafty friends.
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Kate Walker of Kate's Curios:
"Rock chick with a penchant for crafting. My favourite things to make are bags and purses using amazing bold prints especially Alexander Henry fabrics which are just gorgeous! I also really enjoy glass painting and knitting and have a minor addiction to buying supplies which has led to a bit of an over-run of my crafting storage area :) Before last September I had never done any kind of textile craft outside of high school. I taught myself to knit using youtube videos and a book and then decided to bite the bullet and buy a sewing machine. I haven't looked back since!"
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Lakshmi of Adithis Amma Sews:
"I am a SAHM and aspiring Fashion Designer. I dream almost every night and the most incredible part is i am able to remember most of my dreams after getting up!"
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Amy Lauritsen of MoMomma:
"I'm a 30 something working mom of 2 adorable boys age 4 (KidMo) and 7 mos (BabyMo). I am also married to the Man of my Dreams (aka MoDaddy) and very blessed to have him in my life."
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Katie B:
"My quote will be posted soon!"                                                                            
Rikka J of Ricochet and Away!:
"I'm a proud military wife, mother of 2, and small-time designer of handbags. My graduating high school class consisted of only 6 people. 3 boys, 2 girl exchange students, and me. I was the only girl in my class for most of my school years. While small towns do not make a girl "worldly", it does give you an appreciation for "getting along" with people. When you don't have a huge pool of eligible friends to draw from, you learn to make friends and keep them."
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Keren Duchan of sew la vie!:
" I have worked for nine years as a Software Developer, but I am now on a break, sewing ceaselessly and loving every moment. Until two years ago, I thought I wouldn't enjoy sewing! I got into it when I decided to shorten the hem on a pair of jeans. I was so proud of myself, and the rest is history!"
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  1. This looks like so much fun! I'm bummed, just recently decided to get the machine back up & running again but my foot pedal grew legs & walked away, don't think I can order one in time to make deadline... I'll have to watch from afar & root ya'll on. Can't wait to see everyone's creations!


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