I published my first E-book !!

This month my challenge is to get an E-book written, published and up for sale. 

Why an E-book?

Well since I have 2 blogs and write for them daily online, it seems sensible to continue my writing online.  I have many regular readers to offer my book to, and a presence already on the internet with my websites to use as a launch pad for promotion of my books.

With the growing use of E-readers and smart phones,  the internet is now by far the most convenient way to offer information - rather than a physical paper book.

E-books also have the fantastic advantage of being able to contain clickable hyperlinks - to direct people to other relevant sites and information sources.

It also means that someone can take your book anywhere with them, and refer back to it at any time (well anytime they have their e-reader, smart phone or computer with them that is!!)

What is an E-book?

An E-book can just be a document you write and convert to PDF format! As simple as that!  Many people offer free E-books on their websites, on any range of topics, and books of any length.

What to write about?

To decide what to write about in an E-book, I want to go with something I enjoy writing - but I feel that since I offer lots of free information daily in my blog posts, and my tutorials, I want my E-books
to offer something more than that. I want my E-books to be 'meatier' and not just provide information that you can find by a single click of a button. 

This week I've been working hard on my planned first E-book for sale, which is coming along nicely, and is on track to be ready by the end of August - but I can't give anything away about that just yet!

However, I have been researching and learning throughout this week and yesterday published my first ever E-book which I'm offereing for free to my subscribers over on my other blog - Be Our Best., which focusses on all aspects of educating our kids and bringing them up to be the best people they can be.

This E-book is something I've been working on for a while - and this challenge spurred me into action to finish it! 

Working out how to offer it for free was what I learned this week.
I already have a newsletter for this blog - where my subscribers get emailed the link to a free PDF sewing pattern as a thank you for signing up.
So I had already learned how to set up an email newsletter account - which I did for free with Mail Chimp.

I initially tried to use the same Mail Chimp account to set up a newsletter for my other blog - but all the newsletter links automatically came back to this blog - so I set up another new free account for the other blog.

Next was how to give people the E-book - which as I said is basically just a PDF document.

Well with Mail Chimp, and I assume other email newsletter providers, you can adjust the final welcome email subscribers receive to include any other information and links you like.  So I've added the link in my welcome email - which gets emailed automatically on subscription - so I don't need to manually do anything else now that it's set up.

Previously I've used Scribd to upload PDF patterns that I've offered free to my readers.  However - I know that to access the documents - you do need to sign up with Scribd or have a facebook account.  Not all my readers want to do this, and I have had to physically send the patterns as attachment to those people (which I'm happy to do - but it does seem a bit inconvenient for the subscriber to have to ask again!)

So this time I've used Google docs.   Being on blogger - I was already signed in there automatically when I visited the site.  I simply uploaded my PDF  E-book, clicked on it and changed the setting to "share with those who have a link" and it gave me the url  link to copy and paste into my subscriber welcome email! Simple!

So it's now all set up - and I signed up for my own newsletter to test it out - and was happy to see it all worked out fine!

SUCCESS!!  My first E-book published! Nothing yet for sale - but at least I've figured out the first step!

So if you have young kids - and want to help them learn their times tables - I would recommend this book!!!  (not that I'm biased at all - being the author!!)  Best of all it's FREE!!
Do go take a look - I would love any feedback - good or bad, I'm here to learn too!

Have you ever written an E-book?  Do you have plans or aspirations to?  Why not give it a go? 


  1. Congratulations!
    I have said it before but I mean it every time. You are such an inspiration to us. You set your mind to something and show us that it can happen.

    And I appreciate that it sounds as if you are having a good time learning all these new skills.

  2. Well done Jill, Brilliant idea!

    Wish you all the success in the world with your new Ebook venture.

    Michelle :o)

  3. Whoo hooo! Congrats! I'm in the process of writing an ebook. Haven't worked on it in a few days, but now you're giving me the inspiration to get cracking at it again.

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  4. Congratulations....I have an idea for a book for a few years now but never have had the time to do anything.....you have given me inspiration....e book sounds fab!

  5. Congratulations Jill! I knew you could do it. I've been kicking around the idea of writing an e book, I have an idea I'm thinking of trying. This is so awesome and I wish my son was old enough to use it! Way to go.

  6. Well done dear - Proud of your effort and happy for your success!

  7. Another great post Jill. I love your how-to posts; I am always learning something new, useful and practical.

    I wish you much success with your e-book. I am now inspired to do one in the future.

    Enjoy your week. Mila

  8. Whaaa? I thought you needed a month to figure this out! Congrats, you speedy bloggy thing! I will bookmark this to come back to when I need some help...


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