E-book challenge update

This month my challenge is to get an ebook ready and up for sale.
It's not a very communicative challenge for my blog here, as all my efforts are going into creating the material for sale.

I have to say that after the last couple of months working hard to grow my blog and watching the stats go up and up, it's hard to sit back and watch them dip now as my efforts go into something else.   I'm still getting my regular scheduled posts out Monday to Friday, but nothing very new for you all to read about! Sorry :(  
BUT! Just as I was lamenting my drop in pageviews yesterday, one of my tutorials (bed pockets) was featured in an email from All Free Sewing, and I had a HUGE wave of visitors, which was fantastic, and a real confidence boost for me! 

Anyway - an update as to where I'm at with my challenge!

So far I've published my first ebook -  It's a book about how to teach kids their times tables in 5 minutes a day.  It includes templates for a complete set of memory cards to play times tables games with.
I managed to promote this ebook here on Creating my way to Success,  when I posted a tutorial for a set of times tables hanging pockets I sewed for these games:

This proved to be very popular! I linked it up everywhere I could - and it got a fair bit of exposure - even being featured on a couple of home schooling websites here and later this week here.

But back to Creating my way to Success.
I decided that since sewing and patterns is what I do - and I offer LOTS of free patterns now and get some great feedback on them;  I'd look at creating a PDF pattern for sale.

Since I give a lot of patterns away for free - the one for sale needs to be something a bit more special than just one pattern.
I've been working on this (which is a kind of e-book) and it should all be ready to launch next week!

I'm going to put it in my etsy shop, but also look at setting up a way for people to buy it direct from my website here - and so it can all be automatically sent to people rather than me having to manually send it on receipt of payment. More research to do!

I'm also getting there with my larger e-book, which is now going to be delayed in finishing thanks to a change in our family holiday!

So there you go - quick update, and a watch this space.
Here's a sneaky peak at what I'm working on too!!

Anyone else writing any kind of ebook just now? Do you have any tips or progress to share?


  1. Fabulous update! I hope to be published soon like you, right now I'm trying to research as mucha s I can and trying to stick to a schedule. I'm finding it difficult with my job, household duties, taking care of the baby. Whew busy busy! Congrats on the E-book!

  2. You are so cool - don't you love that something you wrote ages ago can still bring you new fans? I love that!


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