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Creating Success Worldwide - featuring Kat from Diary of a Flutter Kat

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This week's featured guest in Australasia is: Kat from Diary of a Flutter Kat
Kat is from New Zealand but is now based in Perth, Australia

What do you create?
a recent tutorial I released...
I love to create anything and everything really!...
A few years ago a friend got me into scrapbooking and that reignited my love to create which had been lying dormant since I left high school. Then last year (and after a steady accumulation of all things pertaining to papercraft!) I decided to try sewing a quilt for my daughter. I had not sewn since I was about 12 (at school) but it did not take me long to get a taste for it and I have pretty much been addicted to sewing ever since!!

These days my friends would probably describe me as a full blown fabric &  craftaholic. I will try almost anything from website/graphic design, papercraft, photography, t-shirts, etc... but my favourite go-to thing would have to be anything involving gorgeous fabric, a sewing machine and time without my children ;)

Here is a little sample of some of my recent projects...

Some of my recent creations...

I go through phases with my crafting... I started off mostly quilting, but now I'm a lot more adventurous with trying new things. For example most recently I have gone on a little pretty patchwork pouch bender...

My little family....
Why do you create?
The truth? - Because it keeps me sane LOL... I am a stay-at-home mum to 2 gorgeous little girls - 1 & 3 years old. I love them to pieces and they are my world, but at the same time I need something outside of being a full time mum to keep me grounded.
Crafting allows me that time out that we all crave as mums... There is also something so satisfying about creating something pretty and being able to give a handmade gift to someone that you have made with love!

Do you sell your creations? If so how? Where? And is it profitable?
my website homepage
Yes I do. Earlier this year I started my brand Flutter from.Kat. I have an online store and you can also find me on Facebook.
I sell exclusively online for now, but I am anticipating the possibility of putting some of my products in handmade stores and selling at handmade markets in the future.
I also do large order jobs (for branded t-shirts etc...) for corporate companies & conferences.

My store & shop is very much still a work in progress. I have many products and lines (for example my custom design vinyl wall art) that are still in the development phase just waiting for me to get some more time to dedicate to them and put them up there...

Is it profitable? HAHA I would have to say no, not at the moment! That is because I have invested really heavily in machinery etc... to get started though. I'm also just taking it really slowly this year to find my feet. Next year once my eldest daughter starts school I will put my youngest in daycare for a few days and have a lot more time to put into it. It will no doubt become more profitable at that point. I just don't have the time right at the moment to take it where I'd like to while being a full time mum (and while my husband works away!) - My business is definitely a looong term venture in it's baby fetus stage!! :)

What mistakes have you made or lessons have you learned?
Oooh tough question!
Probably the two lessons I have learned (after making the mistakes!) are
1) online business is a completely fickle business. I need to not get caught up too much in "liker"/"follower" numbers and the changing rate of them etc... etc... They change rapidly and I've learnt that it will do your head in trying to "analyze" them! - (Specifically thinking of Facebook) The best place to focus is the goal of where you want to aim - and just focus on doing it well. Then the rest will then come in it's own time!

2) don't try and do too much too soon. It just leads to burnout! (Says she who recently burnt out!!) -I am ambitious by nature & sometimes it's hard to get that balancing act between being a mum &  running a business right. But my main focus is being a mum - which is why my business is definitely long term - it has a lot to fit around!! :)

What to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?
Gosh "success" really is a tricky one to define! I feel that in some ways I am successful and in some I am not.
Ways I am: not being scared to give something a go or try new things - constantly pushing myself to grow &  improve my skills on a daily basis, focusing on the long term picture, having clear goals, and working towards achieving them. Doing things to the best of my ability. (well - the majority of the time anyway - that is the intent ;) )
Ways I am not: not knowing my limitations and sometimes over-committing to things or trying to run before I can walk - occasionally getting the balance wrong between home-life &  "work".

Ultimate success for me will be getting the balance right with all of those things... and I might also add still enjoying it! That is the number 1 way for me to be successful...

So what's next?
Well, continuing to get my product lines up and online for starters - at the moment I only have about 10% or less of my products up online. That really has to change & soon!

I'm also about to expand my business into teaching. I plan to start running workshops from my studio at home, teaching people the basics of how to sew. I am really really excited to be launching that venture!!

I also have a lot more planned for my blog...
.... I have pretty much learnt 100% of my crafty knowledge off the internet, so one of the ways that I'd like to give something back to the bloggy world is by sharing some of that knowledge & running a whole series of tutorials/workshops over on my blog. I already have a small selection of tutorials on there - but that is something that I'll really be focusing on expanding in the coming year. Watch this space because I have so many ideas to share!! :)

And who knows... one day I'd love to write a book.
But baby steps! What was I saying about trying to run before I can walk??!! LOL...

Thanks so much for having me share today Jill!

Thanks for your wonderful answers Kat!  I do recommend her fabulous blog for a visit, and check out her shop while you're there too!

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  1. Great interview, enjoyed reading it.

  2. That was a great read! I love the pictures of everything you've made, Kat. You are very talented!!!

  3. Awh, how cool, she sounds like such a nice and inspired person.

  4. Dear Jill is always a joy to be supported by anyone who is an artist and encourages new bloggers. This approximation you provokes between persons exchanging esperience, tutorials, new friendships are food for our souls and stimulus for not quit walk still when roads stones.
    God bless you for blessing the hand that extends to all
    With love, Dolly

  5. Great interview with Kat! Thanks for sharing her with all of us. :D


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