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Creating Success around the World - featuring Tartan Kiwi

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This week's guest is Tartan Kiwi in

My name is Juliet, and my blog is Tartankiwi

Why do you create?
I started blogging and crafting less than a year ago when I found myself in a fairly lonely place as a stay at home Mum in a new town miles from my friends and family. I recognised that I needed to do something to change my situation and thought that crafting and blogging would be a good place to start. 

I set myself a list of challenges which were fairly varied in nature. They ranged from personal challenges such as overcoming my natural shyness by taking my children to playgroups to crafting challenges such as knitting baby blankets; creating gifts for friends; reminding myself how to crochet; learning to appliqué and to insert zips. My blog charts my successes and failures. 

What do you create?
The majority of my projects involve sewing, but I also enjoy knitting, baking, embroidery and will try my hand at most things. I seem to go through creative phases and at the moment am really enjoying making bags, pouches and wallets.

Do you sell your creations? 
I am looking into setting up a shop on Felt, but must admit that progress is slow. Initially the plan is to sell covered button goodies, but as my sewing improves, I may consider including other items.

What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned?
I think that I am still learning how to find a balance between mothering, blogging and crafting. When my two and a half year old daughter comes over and slams my laptop shut, I know that I have got the balance wrong and take it as a signal to take time away from the computer with her.

What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?
If you had asked me this three years ago, my answer would have involved achieving good exam results, promotions at work and a successful career. These days, my views have changed. If I can raise two happy, caring, creative and curious children, while keeping track of my own needs and identity, I think I will have achieved success. 

In the short term, I regard the strong friendships that I have built through blogging to be a sign that I have achieved success in many of the personal challenges that I set myself when starting my blog. I am also regularly blown away when I look at the items that I manage to create. It seems like only a few short months ago I was petrified of my sewing machine and had NO IDEA how to sew zips. Success is continuing to learn and grow.

So that's me, I'd love it if pop on over to Tartankiwi and say hello!
and remember, if I can make it, you can too!

Thanks for some fabulous answers there Juliet!  She really does have a fabulous blog - so make sure you go and check it out!
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