Teamwork - expanding globally

Last month when I started to look seriously at how to make my blog grow into a profitable work-from-home business, I found a great 'how I made it' story on another blog:

I read with interest her story of how she grew her blog - particularly the turning point when she realised that to continue growing she needed to build a team and work with other bloggers.

So - I've been plotting and planning with some other fantastic folks scattered around the world - and our new global project is being unveiled in just a few hours!

My weekly interview and blog hop is now going global with the lauch of:

Creating Success around the World

Creating my way to Sucess

I hope you'll come on this weekly world tour with us - as together we network and expand the reach of our individual blogs. 

Do you work together with others on projects?  Share your respective skills and networks to achieve bigger and better results?  What success have you had in this?

I've been doing my Wednesday 'Creating to Success' interviews for 6 months now, and added the blog hop just 4 weeks ago. So it will be interesting to see how much bigger it can grow, with the help of teamwork!

Come back in just a few hours time - at 7am AEST and start to expand your global blogging network too!


  1. Great button.
    I can hardly wait to see what you are stitching together.

    One of the events I blogged about today is cohosted by 3 ladies that I do believe only know each other via the internet.

  2. It will be interesting to see your growth!


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