Reaching a Plateau

(Picture drawn by me - as you can see -- drawing is not my strong point - I'm much better with fabric and thread!!)

June for me was the kickstart of my blog growth.  I took action every day, learnt lots and could watch my stats show the growth almost daily!  It was exciting and encouraging.

July is now halfway through, and I feel like I've reached a plateau as far as my blog's growth goes.

I purposely chose not to have a particular 'challenge' this month - so I could consolidate what I've learnt and settle into my new 'blog post' routine.

I think that's all going well - I'm really enjoying what I'm doing - and feeling like it's all going well.  BUT, the growth has slowed.

I know it's only natural to reach a plateau, but I can't help wondering if it's because I'm lacking a particular goal and focus this month.

Is 'consolidating' my knowledge too wishy washy do you think?  Should I be continually pushing to keep the growth going at the same pace?  Or is it important to stop and look at where I am, focus on my content and writing and make sure that's all on track?

Just my thoughts today.  This has been the first week back at school after the holidays, so I've had lots to catch up on - but I know none of that is really relevant - when you really want to do something, you find the time and get it done.

Time for a re-focus I think! 


  1. Cute drawing! I think a rest after a long uphill pull is ESSENTIAL. I'm sure your new around-the-world hop is building your blog behind the scenes, it's great and it's a lot of new content. Don't stress too much, it's okay to breathe!

  2. Plateaus are important so you can rest and catch your breath. An okay spot to pitch a tent but not build a home ;)

  3. Cute drawing.. and appropriate. Plateaus happen.. they allow us to take a moment, and take a small breath or short break. It's much more important to be consistent, and do what you love. Used to quilt, but have now switched to paper crafting, LOL... easier on my hands. Your work is beautiful!

  4. Great post. Out blog hopping. Nice to meet you. Feel free to stop by my blogs. Kim

  5. Plateaus are definitely bond to happen. I've sorted reached an impass in my growth. I'm still learning to sew and find myself distracted by other opportunies or going ons in my life. It's hard to stay focus and sometimes you have to take a moment to refocus. You're doing a great job!
    Cat (Minoaka Bebe)


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