A Day Off!!

Today I'm having a day off from blogging!  Yesterday I did a practice run for 'The Pyramid Race' which is in 6 weeks time.

It's a run from a local town to this mountain - up, down, then back to the town.  12km, 922m up, steep, hard but very rewarding!

My best time - from last year's race was 2hrs 39mins.  Yesterday I did it in 2hrs 28 mins! Very happy! But today I need a day off!

Please to come back tomorrow for my Round Tuit linky party!  and see how creative everyone has been! 
Hope everyone in the USA is having a nice long weekend!!


  1. Hey Jill

    Awesome effort!!

    Well done.

    Michelle :o)

  2. That is very impressive Jill....keep up the hard work. My average is 5hours :-) and sore legs for a week afterwards.

  3. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for your message. I would love to be featured:) Suz

  4. Wow! Just two hours? If I was you, I might faint at the middle already.lols

    Great job!

    Smile from,

    Andy at wordsandpen.com


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