Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Blog Hop - How are you Creating your Way to Success, Mich in LA

Hello and Welcome to the Wednesday Blog Hop here at Creating my way to Success!

Creating my way to Success

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This weeks co-host is Mich in LA

Hi, everybody!  Mich here, from Mich L. in L.A.   Upcycling fool, craft blogger and pet rescue enthusiast.  Jill has asked me some questions, I will do my best to answer...

What do you create?  I make jewelry.  Some is the regular kind, made with chain and beads and, well, regular stuff.  But most of it is upcycled from bizarro items like earplug cases, Q-Tips, computer keys and bread tags...

My favorite thing to create nowadays: my DIY tutorials, because I love getting people hooked on making their own jewelry.

Why do you create?  It's therapy, a vacation from stuff that's not fun, mental stimulation and I save soooo much money.  Plus I like to occasionally make people go "ew!"  For example: 

The lovely Moss Agate pendant above was made from a gynecological instrument.   (You went "ew," right?)

Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?  I do sell my 'regular' jewelry, mostly through word of mouth.  Some of it is available at a cool boutique here in L.A. called Anyash.  For my weird stuff, I started an Etsy shop a few months ago, but I can't say the items are flying off the shelves.  It's fun, though; I like having the weirdness available on the web, just in case someone needs it.

What mistakes have you made or lessons have you learned?  Ooh...I have a regular contest on my blog called "Guess the Mystery Thing."  People try to identify the mystery ingredient in one of my upcycled jewels.  At first, I tried to award a prize for most creative guess.  But so many people wrote in with hilarious and clever guesses, there was no way to pick just one and I was stressing out.  So now I let pick the winner.

What, to you, is success?  Have you achieved it yet?  I think I have totally achieved it.  Never really expected anyone to read my blog - well, maybe my mom.  I didn't expect to have so many regular visitors, or to become so absorbed by the process of blogging.

So what's next?  Another Mystery Thing, of course.  You think I'm telling?  You'll have to see if you can guess.

Thanks for inviting me, Jill - you know how much I love you and your blog.  I am so inspired by your big ideas - keep moving forward and I'll follow along!

Thank you so much Mich for your wonderful answers! 
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  1. Thanks, Jill - so excited to see this up! A nice gift for my birthday (today). I am looking forward to the global rollout, will be back for sure to meet your hosts!

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle!
    Besides being very creative and crafty you are cutting edge GREEN.

  3. Beautiful photos of these gorgeous designs.

  4. Following you from Friendly Wednesday Blog Hop.
    Great Site!

  5. I really like your guest blogger's upcycled jewelry...and your whole crafty blog! The lunch wraps and Kathryn Bags make me wish I had a sewing machine. Love! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm your newest follower.

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  8. Thank you Jill for hosting this blog hop! I just added my link here because I found this blog really great especially the embellishments!

    You may not be able to read this comment because you just had a lot to read already but i just want to say that this is a great blog!

    Smiles from,

    Andy at

  9. I just gave you the ONE LOVELY BLG Award. You can check it out here
    I am really looking forward to getting to know you better and reading your blog!

  10. Thanks for hosting the linky and thank you for stopping by my blog! Your tutorials are fantastic. :)

  11. Those are gorgeous!! Visiting from last week's WW blog hop. Better late than never!

    Zelma @ Zelma's Workshop

  12. Hey girlie, I just gave you a special blog award! Check it out here.


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