My Creative Space - and what's your google page rank?

Having finished my clothes upcycling month on a nice colourful note with some tie upcycles:
A bag:

And some mini notebook and pencil folders:

I'm now plodding my way through 62 plain calico bags

- an order for a Kindy, who then get the kids to paint their own designs on! Which is a lovely idea - and great to get a nice big order...

But after this I'll definitely need some colour therapy!

Of course having finished my clothes upcycling month challenge, I had to set myself a new challenge!

This time I'm comitting to actually doing some of the things I keep reading about to try to grow my blog (instead of just reading about them!)

Yesterday I started my own blog hop - since I love joining in other people's and am always looking for new ones.  I thought - why not start my own new one!!  17 links for the first week isn't bad - I'll just have to keep promoting it to grow it!

I've had such a great first response from readers for this challenge - it's obviously something lots of people would like to achieve - so hopefully I'll get some success and show it can be done!! Fingers crossed and a lot of time and effort ahead - but it WILL be worth it!!

Now today, I thought I'd see what this Google Page Rank is:

First I found a way to check your page rank - here it is, if you want to check yours.. Just put your blog url into the space here..

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

Mine is 1 out of 10.  Not very high, but hey at least I'm on the scale!  But what does it mean? and how can I get a better ranking?

Well Google page rank is basically how important your site is.  It's measured by the links back to your site - and it's not just the number of links, but the quality of them!  Mmmm

So how do I get more?

Well since Page Rank is a google thing, I went to Google to find out what to do:
I found some Webmaster guidelines

And I did the suggested submitted my blog to google, and also verified it with Google webmaster tools.  Lots of following the instructions, with adding 'meta tags into the html'
 (!! yeah I'm getting all technical now!  But really it's just a matter of following instructions and not being put off by fancy words that I have no idea what they mean!),
anyway I did it,instead of just putting it in the too-hard basket! The instructions are very clear, and you can google any bit that you get stuck on!
  It opens up some more interesting statistics on who has links to your site, and where your traffic is coming from.

But this is all very well - is it going to help me?

Here's another set of tips I found- 5 ways to improve your ranking:

Really it seems to be all about getting your site out there, and mentioned on other relevant big sites.
 - something to figure out how to do!

Ok - I've made a start - I know my page rank now - 1 - and I've put that in the side bar of my blog.  I wonder if I can get it higher than that in a month of concerted effort?
We'll see!

How about you?  Did you try it? What's your page rank?
Would you like to grow your blog?
I'd love if anyone decides to play along with my challenge month if you share your successes and also things that didn't work too - so we can all learn from each other!

Hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. Great post. So love how you have used all those ties. Especially the pencil case idea. Will be back to catch up on your other posts. Now I am off to check out my rank.

  2. two great uses for opped ties! love it!
    i checked my ranking, 0/10. oh well, it's only up from here right?

  3. I really like the upcycled tie ideas - especially for notebooks. Thanks for the web tips too!

  4. Huh---3 out of 10! Which means what, exactly? Something else to obsess about, perhaps? ;P

  5. well I'm 0/10 as well but that just means all the more room for improvement

  6. I love your creative ideas. I'll be checking back as you continue to post more. Thanks for stopping at T Rex Mom Tales and commenting about the flats challenge. I'll follow you back. I hope you stop over again soon.

  7. Well I checked mine and I am 3/ improvement is the order of the day. Now I can obsess over this thing!! Ha!!
    Love your recycled bag!!
    Have a great weekend

  8. Hi I am a new follower from the blog hop
    I live in the Uk and I really enjoyed reading your blog
    Please feel free to come viist me anytime

  9. Great tips! Thanks for following me at Everything Beautiful In Its Time! Following back.

  10. Rofl! I came up N/A. Is that like a negative? Obviously I'm doing something very wrong! :P Huh, oh well. I'm your newest follower from the Thirsty Thursday hop! I'd love it if you would stop by my blog when you get a chance!

  11. The ranking tool is not working at the moment. It is a statistic I have not ben concerned about so far but I know it is important if one wants to get sponsors and build a larger following.

    I do pay attention to how many page views I get and also who refers the most clicks over to me.

    You have inspired me to write a few drafts (hopefully soon to be posts) about making your blog pay for itself or finding work from home. I am going to keep checking in and learning from you.

  12. Great advice! I will be checking back often!

    I am following you from the thirsty thursday blog hop! Cute blog you have here and I am now following! I hope you can check me out and stick around I have loads of giveaways through out the weekend for my BIRTHDAY BASH! Thank you :)

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