Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Creative Space - and a review of week 1 of grow my blog challenge!

Throughout May I sewed every day with my Clothes upcycling challenge! I loved pushing myself and seeing how creative I could be under pressure!   Sewing each day was fun and a good challenge!

This month, my challenge is to grow my blog (so it can be profitable and I can continue to spend my days sewing and blogging!).  So my sewing  has taken a bit of a back seat!

I am discovering however, that I am getting withdrawal symptoms from sewing! 
(62 plain calico tote bags don't count - too repetitive!)

So, after a BIG sort out and tidy up of my sewing room, I made a couple of circle skirts for my daughters!
They both take dance classes after school, and for their performances this term, needed black mini skirts to go with their costumes!

One wanted a sparkly black one - the other just plain!

This is the costume for dancing to the song "Fame"

Don't you just love the groovy legwarmers??

And this is the 'punk' costume for dancing to "We Will Rock You"

Circle skirts are great for twirling!!

And the easiest thing ever to make!!  Heaps of tutorials around, here's a good one  I found if you're interested!


Now apart from sewing, I've been working at growing my blog for a week now!  So how am I going?

Well I've added facebook like and twitter buttons, joined forums and gotten active, started my own blog hop, promoted my crafty linky party more and set up my etsy shop!  Not bad for a week!
My blog hop has grown since the first week, which is great - and my monday crafty linky party (Round Tuit) got over 100 links this week - which is very exciting! So much creativeness to explore!

So where have I got to so far with my specific goals that I set?
  • Well, I said I was aiming for 800 followers - which would break down to 50 new followers per week for the month. So far so good, I'm on track there.
  • I'm also aiming to up my monthly pageviews to 20,000  , so far I'm only on track to reach 15,000, so I need to look at ways to increase that!

My traffic comes largely from sites where I've added my tutorials as free links.  The main ones I'm on are:

I've also found another one:

I've submitted one of my tutorials there, but haven't heard back yet.

Do you know of any other sites that host free tutorials and sewing patterns?
Do you get your work featured elsewhere?

Any other ideas or suggestions to increase traffic are more than welcome!  I'll see what ideas I can come up with this week and keep you posted!

  • The last measurable goal I set was to make $100 from some action I've taken this month.  Well I've opened my etsy shop - so that's a start! And my google adsense has performed slightly better this week than usual! Coincidence, or a sign of it growing?? We'll see!!

Ok - so looks like I'm not doing too badly for my first week!  I'm taking daily action, staying motivated and seeing some results!  But I must keep going, learn more and do more!!

Thanks for following along!  How are you doing?  Have you been trying anything recently to boost your blog?  Do share - things that have or haven't worked!!

And come back tomorrow for more ACTION!!

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  1. The girls look like they love the outfits. Good luck on your blog growth! :-)

  2. I love the legwarmers!! ;o)
    You could try putting your tutorials on and
    good luck! ;o)

  3. totally jealous of your facebook icon, i don't know why i can't get mine to work. bah. i need to try again, but it's all so intimidating to me! you are doing, great, tho, so keep it up. how do you feel about google adsense, i'm wondering about adding it. also, with your blog being 3 column, do you think it gives you extra space for that stuff? i still like a simple look, but perhaps all that stuff will promote the blog?!

  4. Great skirts! Looks like your girls love them. Love the leg warmers too.

  5. Love the twirly skirts - good luck with 'growing' your blog/business, sounds like you're on track! :)

  6. I have also submitted mine to IShareCrafts, Homepodge, and Make and Takes Spotlight. I love Craftgawker too but you need great photos to get a submission accepted on there and mine are not always good enough.

  7. Congratulations on your progress so far, it's very impressive!
    Thanks for all the links where you can find free patterns. I was just about to submit a link for the first free pattern I've put on my blog, but decided I'd fancy it up a bit first.

  8. Jill, I'm stopping by from the Blog Hop. You are such a wonderful resource! I especially love your Top 10 Blogging Tips!! As a new blogger, I hope to start doing most of them. Thanks!

  9. Oh, I'm so envious of people who can sew! One of my best friend's is a quilter, sews everything, and taught me just enough so I can sew linings for my handwoven bags. Thanks for following me from thursday's hop and I'm following you back -- maybe I will pick up sewing tips! :))

  10. The circle skirts are too cute! Glad to add one more to your 800 follower goal! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Thursday Cup of Joe Blog Hop. Would love a visit and follow back on my blog: Thanks!

  11. Hello! Newest follower from the Thirsty Thursday blog hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get a chance. Have a great week! (:


  12. Beautiful designs and superb execution. Greetings.

  13. Hey Jill, I just updated my blog so I have most of your top 10 tips covered. My goal this month is to follow your advice for blog growth! As for doubting yourself (other post), just when I think I'm out of ideas, they start flowing again, so don't worry! Also an fYI, when google ads finally started picking up for me, just before I could have collected payment, they closed my account and said my trafic was artificially inflated and I was a risk!!!!! I've heard of that happening to a few other people, so just beware


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