Friday, June 10, 2011

A little tutorial and guest posts

I haven't posted a tutorial for a while - so thought I'd add a quick and easy one today.
This is something I learned during last months' clothes upcycling challenge!
I made this for my younger daughter in about 10 mins yesterday!

She needs a black top to go with her dance performance outfit  - and rather than buy one and add to the cost of the costume even more.. I thought I'd repurpose this unwanted hand-me-down nighty!!

I cut off the sleeves, neck and the longer base.  Then cut 2 strips from the base, each about 4cm wide (single layer of the fabric for each strip)

For these two strips, fold the raw edges in on themselves twice and stitch closed. This will give you two straps about 1cm wide,

Then double turn and stitch the raw edges you just cut around the armholes...

And the bottom hem...

Then turn down the neckline both front and back, around 2.5cm - and stitch to make the casing for the straps.  Here you just need to make sure you're making the casing wide enough to thread your straps through!

Then using a big nappy/ safety pin; pull one strap through the front neck casing, and one through the back.

Tie the straps together on either side.. and voila! One repurposed very cute little top!

Here's the one I made last month that has been a BIG hit!!

Made from this top which was getting too small..

And this dress - also too small!!

Remember for over 100 fantastic ideas to upcycle those clothes - go to this page! You can even add your own ideas and projects to this fabulous growing resource!


Now to todays thoughts and action regarding my blog!

As I'm focussing on my blog so much just now - it has made me really think hard to try and define in a simple way what exactly my blog is - and what I want it to be.

  •  I gain so much inspiration, and ideas from looking at blogs - and hope that other people feel that way when they visit my blog.  It's nice to feel like I'm giving back a little of what I feel I'm gaining so much of myself.
  • I love sewing and creating - and having a forum to share these creations with people who appreciate them is fantastic!
  • I trained as a teacher, and  really do enjoy teaching - and empowering people with skills and knowledge so they can do things for themselves! Hence all my tutorials!   I'm a great believer that you can learn to do absolutely anything you set your mind to!

So with those thoughts in mind, It's led me to think about guest posts!

I've had a couple on here before - and done a couple myself.  My daughter's blogging dolls have also guest posted for me and on another friend's blog too! 

Are they a good thing to do?  What is the purpose of them and should I look into them some more?

Well I think it's fun to share ideas around and get some fresh perspectives and ideas!
It's a great way to promote other people's amazing creativeness - I love doing that - and when I do my feature interviews on a Wednesday,have always linked around as much as I can to get the featured guest more exposure!  I want people to feel they gain something from being featured here!

I read on the bigger blogs that when people are featured, it brings them lots of traffic and interest.  I would love to be able to provide that kind of exposure for the amazingly talented and creative people I find blogging all over the place! I hope as my blog grows, that is the case!

When I've been asked to guest post on other people's blogs I've been terribly flattered that they would ask me!  It's made me feel really good about myself and encouraged in my creativeness!

So - yes, I think guest posts are a great idea! I've got a couple to prepare myself for other blogs coming up soon.

But I wanted to put it out there, to see if anyone would be interested in guest posting here ?
I'd like to feature crafty and inspirational tutorials - in keeping with the theme of my blog.

Leave me a comment - or send me an email if you would be interested, and I'll see what I can do!!

Note to any cynics out there who will look at this and think "she just wants to get other people to do all the hard work to help her grow her blog".  Well, yes, I do want to grow my blog - obviously with my challenge for this month - I'm making no secret of this!  But I know that blogging - as with anything really, is not a one-way street.  You only get out as much as you put in.  I genuinely enjoy blogging myself, and visiting other people's blogs.  If you do too - then let's help and encourage each other!!

Do you have guest posts on your blog?  Why did you choose to add them?  Or if you have or haven't done guest posts on other people's blogs - why or why not?

I'd love to hear more about what people think about guest posting.


  1. Very creative. I inherited a great sewing machine from my mother-in-law and still don't know how to use it. Need to learn! Anyways, I'm a new follower and found you on the blog hop.

  2. Thanks for that awesome idea! I'm totally gonna make one of these for myself, yup! ^^
    I love guestpost, they're such a cool way to connect and also to train more professional writing. At least for me, whenever I write for sb else I try to go with the style of the blog, so the post will be different from how I would do it on my own blog - great training! ;o)
    AND from the feedback that I get it seems my readers love to hear about new blogs.

  3. I have seen the pros and cons of guest bloggers/posters discussed recently on other blogs. You get some people who only want to read what they "expect" when they visit but most are interested in a different voice now and then, even once a week, as long as the post stays close to the blog's regular content. I do not think it is you asking someone else to do your job. It is even a bit of a risk to hand over the keyboard to someone new.
    The guest blogger's writing gets exposure to readers that might not otherwise find their blog, even if you had done a feature post. Not everyone will click over for a view.

    Doing a guest post adds credibility to your writing. Someone trusted you to give their readers valuable content. It looks good on your resume.

  4. I love your blog, I have a sewing machine and need to really learn to use it. I have minor minor skills but reading your blog makes me want to do better and grow my own blog. I have one blog just for my random thoughts and inspiration, my other blog I want to use as my business blog. You're an inspiration, keep up the good work! I love the upcycling too!

  5. Love that Snoopy refashion! I don't think having guest bloggers is AT ALL making other people do the work. It's really an addition to your own content, and when you guest elsewhere you're repaying that karma.

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone! I feel much better now about looking for people to do guest posts! Now I just need to work out what and when would be good! Let me know if you'd be interested!!

  7. I need to try this... it's too cute! BTW... I tried to follow via GFC but it seems to be not working on every blog I have visited. So, I liked you on FB for now! :) 7 on a Shoestring

  8. Guest posting is a great idea! If you want to guest post on my blog...I'd love to post just about anything. You have some good tutorials. I haven't done any guest posts for anyone else though...and unless you have a specific subject in mind...probably not gonna happen.

    I'm not crafty myself but I do like reading posts like this. You made it seem so dang easy to turn old clothes into new. And now that you showed me how...I could do that one. It is just that it would never have occurred to me to do that before I read this post.

    I haven't quite figured out my own blog yet either. It seems to be trending toward books mostly. We will see how it develops. I'm enjoying the ride anyway.

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