How am I Creating my Way to Success? and a new blog hop!

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Welcome to my new look Wednesday, and the start of my new challenge for the month of June.
If you've been following this blog for while, you'll know that last month (May) I challenged myself to get around to upcycling a box full of clothes which I'd kept for years! 
I set myself a task, using SMART goals :
Time bound
And successfully achieved what I set out to do!
Thanks to everyone's support and creativity in this challenge we how have a growing resource right here for 100+ clothes upcycling projects.  Thank you everyone!

So , this last week, I've been thinking about 'what's next?'  which is very important to do when setting goals for yourself, so you keep up your momentum, and don't just reach an end and then stop!

So, I was thinking that in May, I focussed  a lot on 'Creating', so maybe this month, I should try to look at the 'Success' side of things
 (since this blog is all about Creating my way to Success)

To decide how to do this, I looked back at my own post which started off my Wednesday interviews of creative people, asking them how they are creating their own way to success, and what success means to them.

For me, as for a lot of people, I would dearly love to be able to work for myself, from home, doing what I love.  I'm very fortunate to be a stay-at-home-mum, and love devoting my time to my kids. But they are growing older and more independent, and the time for me to return to work is looming. 
What I love doing now is creating, writing and blogging. 
I know there are people who successfully work for themselves, from home, doing these very things, so why shouldn't I?   Surely I just need to figure out how!  I'm smart, I'm creative?  So I'm going to give it my best shot!

Seeing how focussed and committed I was last month when I set myself my clothes upcycling challenge, I figured I should use this same motivation to try to learn more about making what I do into a profitable passtime that can then be my 'job'.
So, where to begin?
With what I enjoy!
Creating - the obvious thing here is to sell my creations, so I want to explore various options for this.  I have already been selling things at a local market with a friend for the past 2 years, but I'm not doing the markets anymore since my friend who I went with, started work again; and the shopping centre we went to, started major renovations and has a very limited number of people coming through.  Excuses?  Maybe - time for me to take action again!
Writing - over the past few years, I have written several children's stories and also adult romance fiction novels.  I have tried sending these to publishers but so far no luck, although I've won a couple of small writing competitions. 
 At the moment, I'm writing two blogs - this one,and another I write together with my husband about parenting, education and general self-improvement (Be Our Best).  I've also started writing articles for technorati, which is a real boost to see my name in print on a larger website!  I'm enjoying my blog writing a lot now, and I think I'm happy to focus on this for now, which leads me to my next and most important thing I enjoy- and what I want to focus on for this month's challenge:

Blogging - I love having a place to express myself, to show and tell what I create, to interact with people who share similar interests.  I look forward every day to reading any comments my readers have left me, to visiting other blogs and being inspired and entertained by others, and learning from others and from what they inspire me to do myself.

So, what I would love to happen, is to be able to continue, creating, writing and blogging, but for it to be profitable!  Wouldn't we all?

Well, I thought there are lots of books, blogs, tips and sites about how to 'make money blogging',  how to 'grow your blog' etc.  I even subscribe to a couple of newsletters with information on how to do this. But as yet - have I REALLY done anything about it? other than read information and case studies and think 'wouldn't that be nice'?
Well, it's time to take action and not just read about growing my blog - but start doing these things!

So for June, I'm going to focus on taking action to grow my blog into a profitable 'business'.
Are you ready to join me on my challenge?  Would you like to boost your blog, make it grow and even earn money from it?   
There are so many stories out there of people who do just this - I'm going to learn from them, and do it myself!
Of course I'm going to keep on creating - couldn't stop doing that! So don't go away if that's what you enjoy seeing from this blog! I'll just be adding to that!

So, for my SMART goals:
Specific : I want to grow my blog into  something that can be a profitable business venture

Measureable: To grow my blog, I need to increase traffic.  So for something measurable, I'm going to aim to boost my number of followers from my current number of almost 600, to 800.  And my monthly pageviews from around 14000, to 20000.  And since this is about making it profitable, I should attach a monetary value to it - this is tricky, and probably the scariest part as I'm not sure right now how I'm going to do this - but I have to have a goal, so I'm going to say I want to make $100 this month, from some action I have taken this month!  Phew! I've said it - put it out there, now I have something to work towards!

Attainable:  I know I can be committed to something - I've proved this through last month, and like I said, I keep coming back to the fact that other people have blogs that are businesses - so why can't I!!
Realistic:  I've been blogging for over a year now, love it, wake up in the morning wanting to do it - so it should be something that will be easy to put my time and effort into.  I think the numerical measurable goals I've set are reasonable - and with hard work, effort and consistency, I believe they are realistic
Time Bound : All this by the end of June!

Well, there's nothing like putting yourself out there !  But be honest - how many of you reading this, would love to have blogging and creating as your full time job? 
Then work would never seem like work! 
I believe it can be done!
You need education, determination and consistency!

That I have!

Every day this month, I will try to learn something about blogging, take action to grow my blog, and work towards it being profitable.  I'll write what I've learnt, how I've put it into action, and what results I'm getting from this - so hopefully others can learn from what I'm doing too! I'm sure there'll be mistakes and things that don't help me at all, but that's how you learn- so I'll put it all out there - warts and all!


For my first day I'm going to start a new blog hop.  I join in lots of these each week - to boost my follower numbers and find new and interesting blogs.  I'm always looking for a new blog hop to join in, so thought why not start my own?

So, here it is:

Creating my way to Success
All I ask is that if you join in, you follow the hostesss - ME!! 
And also each week I would like to continue with my interviews of creative people asking how they are creating their way to success, and they will be the co-host of the blog hop, and I ask that you follow them too!
I'd love if you added the blog hop button to your blog - but it's not compulsory!
This week, it's just me, but if you would like to be featured / interviewed and co-host this blog hop one Wednesday, then leave me a comment!
If you're a new follower - leave me a comment to so I can come and follow you back!
One thing I would say about blog hops is that you get as much out as you put in.  Link up your site - and then go and visit some of the other blogs on the list and follow them !!Get active!
There are lots of other blog hop buttons on the bottom of this page - after linking here, scroll down and find more to join too! I will be!
Let's get this started!
Get linking, and grow your blog too! and please do follow along in my June challenge to grow and develop my blog - hopefully I can pass on things I learn so others can benefit too!


  1. Hi Jill. I love to read how you're pushing yourself. I pushed myself to move my blog to a new home recently.

  2. This is exciting and I am pulling for you. When I can I will share things that have inspired and encourged me as well.
    I am in midst of a major (time consuming) home project this week so have not posted anything but you are inspiring me to dream while I work and focus on getting something of value written so I can join in.

    Let's all share resources, ideas and encouragement!

  3. Wow - just found you via the blog hop and am very excited to read more about your ideas. I too would like to make my blog a source of income. Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences.

    I have linked up and have become your newest follower and would love it if you could do the same for me.

    embellishments by tina

  4. I am so happy you stopped by my blog and left such a sweet comment because now I found yours and I loved reading this post!! I love your corner of the internet and can not wait to read more!! I especially love your goals and bravo to achieving them!!

    I am one of your newest followers :)

    xo Karina
    Have a great night!!

  5. I have been following you for a couple of weeks now and I, like you, want to figure out how to turn my blogging and crafting hobbies into a real paying job. I will continue to follow you and follow along on your journey. Please feel free to check out the blog that I co-write with a friend:

    Good luck!

  6. I've been following you for quite a while now, and have enjoyed the past month in particular with the clothing recycling project. I have a couple of projects that I want to do this weekend (after I finish planting the gardens).

    You said to leave a comment if anyone wanted to be featured/interviewed and co-host this blog hop one Wednesday. I'd be interested in doing this!

    Here's the link to my blog to see if it'd be a good fit with yours:


  7. WOW I'm really looking forward to reading your blog this month! I have the same sort of goal as you but I'm not nearly as far along, nor ready to make such a committment to myself yet. But now I've got a whole month to get pointers from you ;)

  8. following you back and I linked up to the hop!!

    Cute blog and love your latest motivating!

  9. I love reading your blog...thanks for hosting the blog hop! I have been following for a while.

  10. As someone with firsthand experience of your talents (I won a giveaway and got the most beautifully designed and meticulously sewn creations in the mail), I know you can make these goals happen. It's going to be exciting and I intent to learn a whole bunch from you this month!

  11. you are so brave! I think a lot of people are just too shy about the things close to their heart because they feel like they don't deserve to make their dreams true or they're afraid other people might find them riddiculous - well, at least that's how I feel, often... best of luck!

  12. Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging comments. I know my goal this month is one lots of people would like to achieve too, so I'm going to give it my all, and hope we can all learn from it together! I hope you'll keep the comments coming with any of your thoughts, ideas and personal experiences.

    I'm excited and nervous too!
    Here's to success!!

    Oh - and please please make sure you check 'show my email' in your profile (on your blog dashboard) so I can email back to your comments!

  13. Hi thanks for popping by, love your blog, good luck for your project. I too love upcycling and have added 5 of my many upcycling blog posts to your 100+ upcycling linky! I shall join in this new link party, but I am not one for to be interviewed as I do this blog and crafting as a pass-time not as a successful venture as such, Karima xx

  14. Thanks for stopping by at FTM! I love the concept of your blog and will definitely be following along!

  15. I think you're off to a great start here! Good for you! Found you at a different Wednesday Blog Hop, and am glad I did! Am a happy new follower :).

  16. Good Luck! I know I need to start making some money with my blog.
    Following you via Hump Day blog hop.
    Following GFC. Come visit if you have time.

  17. I love the blog hopping idea. This will be so fun, finding new blogs. I would love to help you out any way I can. Let me know what you want weather a guest bloggers, co-host, whichever. And maybe you would like to do the same over at Blissful & Domestic?

  18. New follower who stumbled upon this hop and will be participating weekly :) Thanks for hosting and I can't wait to keep up with your blog! So many helpful tips I don't know where to start!


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